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5 Ways to Promote Your Business With a Bandit Sign

The average business puts away 10% to 12% of annual projected sales amounts into the year’s marketing budget. Companies spend a huge portion of their budget on advertising. If only there were a better, cheaper way to find and attract new leads.

While digital marketing is on the rise, many experts have forgotten about the more traditional methods of advertising. These include radio, TV, and print ads.

And despite the trend to move away from these sorts of marketing campaigns, they are tried and true methods that have a long history of returning results. That’s why we’re presenting you with this guide to one such traditional tool of advertising– a bandit sign.

Ready to start saving money on marketing while generating more leads? Keep reading for the 5 ways businesses can use bandit signs for promotion!

5 Creative Uses of Bandit Signs to Promote Business

A bandit sign is a marketing tool used by businesses across the country. These signs are poster-sized and often thought of as the smaller version of a billboard. Yet unlike billboards, these non-invasive marketing tools are inexpensive and effective.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 creative ways your business can use a bandit sign to get more leads.

1. Election Signs

We know you’ve seen the bandit signs supporters stick in their front lawns come election season. But did you know you can also use these marketing tools to advertise where elections are taking place? Some campaigners are even using bandit signs to encourage people to get out and vote.

2. Contractor Signs

Do you sell contracting services in your local neighborhoods? Stop hitting the pavement and searching for customers and strategically place a few bandit signs instead. You’ll make a name for yourself in your target community without also turning prospective customers off with more invasive tactics.

3. Real Estate Signs

Bandit signs actually originated as a way to help real estate investors find new property deals. It’s no stretch, then, to use a bandit sign to generate leads for your newest rental. From for sale signs to “we buy houses for cash” signs, there are seemingly endless ways you can use a bandit sign for your real estate business.

4. Business Ad Signs

Contractors aren’t the only business owners who can benefit from using bandit signs. Virtually any B2C company can use this inexpensive strategy to bolster your next marketing campaign. You could also use them to advertise the grand opening of your store or even advertise your upcoming company fundraiser.

5. Event Signs

Speaking of fundraisers, businesses that often hold events use bandit signs to inexpensively advertise events open to the public. This is also a great way for city councils to market the season’s latest festivals and carnivals. Or you can even use bandit signs to encourage people in your community to head to the nearest free flu shot station during the winter season.

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