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5 Tips For Creating Unique Banner Designs For Schools, Clubs & Charities

With so many businesses and startups today, attracting people to your events can be difficult. Standing out in a sea of competition is one sure way of improving sales.

Creative banner designs are one way you can draw attention to your brand or business.

Read on to learn more about how to make your banners stand out.

1. Start With the Content

Banners are a very versatile tool to market your brand. They can also help bring attention to an event you might be having.

Banners are a visual medium, so having attractive and striking imagery is a sure way to attract customers.

If you’re making multiple banners for an event, you might want to consider making a theme within your banners. Making a few different designs in a similar vein can help keep things interesting.

2. Deciding on a Background

Depending on what you’re advertising, you’ll want to choose the right background.

If you are looking to make a simple banner, you may want to choose a solid color background.

Outdoor banners benefit from simplicity, so you’ll want to choose bright and eye-catching colors for your background. It’s proven that complementary colors are more pleasing to look at.

If you’re advertising a brand, you may want to choose a photograph instead.

Some companies or labels already have brand recognition, so simplifying a banner is the way to go.

If you’re not necessarily selling anything or promoting an event, your banner might feel more abstract. Even then, make sure your message is clear by creating contrast within the banner.

3. Picking the Right Font

You may want to include some text in your banner if you’re announcing an event.

When choosing a font, make sure the size is legible and clear. Choose a color that creates a clear contrast to the background so that it is easy to read.

Remember that people don’t want to spend a lot of time reading an ad, so make your banner simple.

Find creative ways to get your message across without too many excess details. Ad simplicity can make people feel like a brand has it all figured out.

4. Don’t Forget Essential Details

If you’re promoting an event, don’t forget to let people know the essentials, like where and when it is taking place.

If adding these details makes the banner too crammed, make sure there is a website or other place they can go to find out more about the affair.

5. Figure Out a Placement Plan

It’s important to have a strategy in mind when making a banner. Where it will go and who will see it has a big impact on how effective your banner is.

Make a plan for where you will place your banners. Outdoor banners generally should be larger, so drivers and commuters can actually read it.

If you’re placing it at a school or community establishment, look for a highly trafficked area where people won’t miss it.

Creative Banner Designs

Designing your banner can be a fun and challenging experience. You’ll attract more customers and attendees with effective banner designs.

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