Tips for Holiday Party Banners

Top 5 Holiday Party Banners

The holidays are a time for friends, family, and coworkers to get together and celebrate each other as well as all they’ve seen and accomplished in the past year. Outside of wedding season, there may be no bigger party season than the stretch from Halloween through New Year’s Day.

A good banner can unite the guests at your party and get them in the festive spirit, whether you’re hosting a work shindig or a family get-together.

Read on to discover holiday party banners that can set your party apart from the pack.

Holiday Party Banners Your Guests Won’t Forget

We’ve chosen to focus on theme in our list rather than just tell you it’s a good idea to put “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” somewhere on your banner. You already know that.

Instead, we want to spark ideas in your brain for what goes behind the words. Here are our party banner ideas for holiday parties of all types.

1. Photo Backdrop

Photo booths are rising in popularity. The mere presence of a photo booth at a party can communicate to guests that they’re in for a memorable night.

But you don’t have to rent or construct a literal booth to get this effect. With the right banner backdrop, you can signal to your guests, “This is the place for pictures!”

Decorate a fabric step and repeat banner with your company’s logo. Blow up an embarrassing family photo. Set up a camera in front of the banner, and watch the creativity of your guests come to life.

2. Winter Wonderland

Rather than dive into the debate over holiday greetings, go around the issue by focusing on what unites us all this holiday season: the cold.

Everyone loves a good winter scene, perhaps with a sleigh and a woodland creature or two in the background. A winter wonderland banner brings out the saps in all of us.

3. New Year’s Bash

Confetti, noisemakers, and streamers are all staples of a good New Year’s party, but they don’t have to be limited to the party itself. You can transpose these patterns onto a banner to create a festive backdrop that telegraphs just how much you want your guests to let loose at your party.

4. Holiday Luau

Sick of traditional holiday themes? Why not go tropical instead? Plenty of holiday travelers already do it.

5. Fall Foliage

It’s still early in the season, so we end our list with a soft suggestion to ease you and your guests into the holiday spirit. A colorful backdrop of leaves and other vegetation is a great way to brighten people’s spirits and nudge them toward the nog.

A Banner Year

These are just a few holiday party banners to get your own gears turning. We hope you pick the perfect banner that makes your holiday party as special as the people in attendance.

And we’ve got plenty more information on banners if you need additional resources.


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