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5 Smart Banner Design Ideas You Need to See

Even in a digital age, print material for advertising is not dead. Having printed materials like banners allows you to reinforce your brand.

And because many businesses have shifted to the digital space, your print banners and other materials will stand out.

Need some help getting started? You are in the right place. Keep reading below for five banner design ideas you need to know.

1. Think About Placement First

Before making any design decisions, make sure you know where the banner will be going. You might think you don’t need to think about this until after you create your banner, but that’s not the case.

The placement should influence the below factors such as color and font. This is because you will want the colors of your banner to contrast and stand out from the environment.

2. Color

Make sure color is one of the first things you think of when brainstorming banner design ideas. Choosing the right colors will result in an effective banner design.

Stick with your business colors as much as possible to stay on brand. Choose a dark background with light text or a light background with dark text.

One simple rule is that bright colors will almost always catch people’s eye. Red is a popular choice because while it grabs people’s attention, it also holds it.

3. Font

When thinking of banner design ideas, choosing the font is a critical aspect. It is so important because it will impact how easy it is to read your banner.

Best practices suggest avoiding cursive or script lettering. Avoid any block letters that are really close together. Neutral fonts like Arial or Helvetica are popular choices for a reason.

4. Simple Messages are Best

When designing your banner, don’t forget that people will not always have tons of time to be looking at it.

Plenty of banner ads are very successful by being simple. Figure out a way to communicate your message with as few words as possible. Absolutely avoid paragraphs of text because people will not have the time to read it.

Remember many will be walking or driving by it.

Think about spinner ads. They work wonderfully to draw lots of attention for openings or big sales with minimal text.

5. Have All Important Info

As explained above, it is best to keep the message simple so it can be read quickly. That being said, you must include enough relevant info so readers know where to go next for more information.

To decide what you need to include, first establish what you are trying to do. What is the goal of your banner? Do you want to increase brand awareness or show people a specific product you recently developed?

For just brand awareness, your business name and logo will suffice.

Time to Use These Banner Design Ideas

Now that you have some helpful design tips, you can get started and bring attention to your business or product.

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