Feather Flag Assembly Instructions

Easy Feather Flag Assembly Instructions to Setup Quickly

When AZ Banners ships your order, we make sure to include a set of feather flag assembly instructions that visually guides the assembly process. However, some people may want additional guidelines to accompany their feather flag assembly instructions, so here are some additional explanation and an alternative set of instructions to help make assembly as quick and easy as possible.

The Quick Setup Process Is Exactly Why Feather Flags Are Great

Feather flags — also sometimes called feather banners or blade flags — have an amazing product design that is quick to setup with minimal effort. Anyone who takes the time to design an amazing feather banner of their own will be happy to see that the fruits of their labor can be displayed for all the world to view in just minutes.

Quick Setup Gives You Instant Benefits

Since setting up feather flag banners is such an easy process, deploying your own fleet of outdoor or indoor advertising banners can happen in less than an hour. Whether staked in the ground or attached to a fixed stand, feather flag banners offer highly-visible advertising with only one anchor point and no need for the intensive framing structures required for most signs. They work great in groups, especially when lining a roadway or flanking a store entrance.

Assembly Instructions

Feel free to consult these instructions in addition to the ones provided with your order shipment. You can also view these alternative feather banner instructions, which provide excellent diagram visuals for the setup process (although they differ in the bungee loop placement steps).

Note that the following instructions for feather flags apply equally to teardrop-shaped flags and other similar blade-style designs.

Step 1: Remove all items from their packaging, and lay them out on a flat surface. Set travel carrying case aside if provided. Decide on a final placement site located at least five feet from any structures or wires. If you have a ground stake base, go ahead and hammer it into your desired location as indicated on the alternative instructions.

Step 2: With your base located near you, begin aligning the pole structures provided from smallest to largest. The smallest pole will have a knob/ball at the top. Insert this into the smaller end of the next smallest pole and then assemble the next two poles similarly. The largest pole will be used to attach the feather flag banner to its base.

Step 3: Unroll and flatten your printed fabric banner then locate the bottom end. It should have a pocket perfectly sized to slide the assembled pole structure into. Ensure that the metal rod is pushed all the way to the highest point in the pocket.

Step 4: Firmly secure the bottom of the pole and flag structure to the base.

Step 5: A bungee loop will provide additional stability. Locate your bungee line near the base of the metal pole and a loop attached to the base of your flag. Thread the bungee cord through the flag loop, then thread it through a metal ring located on the pole. Tie off the bungee cord securely once it is attached to both the flag loop and the pole ring.

Step 6: Enjoy your feather banner flags!

Feather Banner Disassembly Instructions

To disassemble your feather banners, simply follow the above instructions in reverse order:

Step 1: Untie the bungee cord and unloop it.

Step 2: Remove the flag and pole structure from its stand.

Step 3: Slide the pole structure from the pocket of the fabric flag.

Step 4: Disconnect all segments of the pole structure.

Step 5: Neatly fold or roll your flag for long-term storage alongside its other components.

This quick take down means that storing, moving or replacing your feather flags can be incredibly simple.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Feather Flag

Over time, feather flags become dirty and will need to be cleaned. This is especially true if your banner has been displaying outdoors where it is exposed to dirt, dust, and the like.

Protect your investment and keep your feather banner looking its best for as long as possible by following these cleaning and care tips:

  • Ideally, handwash your flags in cold water using a gentle soap. This will help keep the colors truer for longer.
  • If you prefer to wash your feather flag in a washing machine, be sure to use the delicate or handwash cycle on cold to prevent damage.
  • Hang dry your flag. Never put your feather flag in the dryer. Make sure the flag is completely dry before storing it to prevent mold or mildew from forming.
  • Once dried, roll up or fold your flag and store it away from anything sharp or pointy to avoid ripping or puncturing it. If you have a storage case or bag, store your feather flag there along with its accessories for quick setup in the future.

Our vibrant, durable feather banners are printed on tear-resistant nylon using a high-quality screen printing process to help draw attention to your special event, trade show, or other promotion.

Take advantage of the convenience and effective advertising that these banners can provide by viewing our custom printed feather flag banners options today!


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