Trade Show Banners

5 Trade Show Banners Guaranteed To Turn Heads

Participating in a trade show means being one face in a sea of hundreds or even thousands of others. To stand out, you will need a custom made banner and professional-looking displays that communicate the dedication you have put towards your brand.

Realizing this, trade show participants and display companies collaborated to develop the best-performing signage and banners that can attract the needed level of attention while projecting brand qualities. Over the years, compact and portable displays were made to fit the heavy travel demands of the trade show circuit while delivering a high level of visual and structural performance.

For any brand that wants to take their game to the next level, here are some of the best trade show banners they can use that truly wow attendees and exceed their expectations:

1: Trade Show Pop Up Banners

Pop-up displays are becoming increasingly popular for their relatively low cost and their extreme ease of transport. With pop up banner systems, you can literally have your display set up in seconds. Durable, travel-ready bags also make storing your banner and protecting it from damage as simple as can be.

Combine several of these banners and line them up together to make a big impact with your marketing and message spread out over several pop ups.

2: Trade Show Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are simple yet elegant. Vinyl material and polyster fabric are both popular materials used to create hanging banners. They can also come in a wide variety of sizes, from table-sized to massive, ceiling-hung banner displays that can be seen across an entire convention floor. Some trade show hanging banners are so large that they look like they could overtake an entire building.

3: Booth Backdrop Banners

Backdrop banners for your booth are a perfect solution to set the tone and make a bold statement. They can be attached to a telescoping stand (stand fits into a convenient case for easy travel) or you can hang them using a “pipe and drape” style set up that are commonly seen in the convention environment. You’ll be able to cover the entire back wall of the booth making for good use of space that otherwise been used as a divider that separates each booth. Not to mention backdrop banners are easy and quick to set up.

4: Tension Fabric Banner Displays

Tension fabric booth set-ups are rapidly gaining in popularity for their customizability. Eye-catching banner graphics can be used to complement the tension fabric structures or completely envelop them in 360° eye-catching splash art.

Even though “tension fabric” may sound like something flimsy, the engineering method is actually capable of creating permanent industrial buildings. Gain the presence of truss displays with less weight and cost, saving you more money to focus on how great your banner graphics will look.

5: Feather Banners

Feather banners make a great accessory during trade shows, especially ones in large, crowded venues or events that take place outdoors. You can complement the look of your other graphics while grabbing valuable eyeballs from all corners of the space using fun but great-looking feather banner displays. Best of all, they set up in seconds!

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