Construction Fence Banners and Signs
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Do you own one of the 680,000 businesses that employ construction workers?

As a construction business owner, you’re likely concerned with building codes and project costs. But promoting your company and creating a positive image is also important.

Construction fence banners can help with both of those issues. They’re versatile, affordable, and easy to use.

Check out these six reasons you should order banners for your construction business. Read more “6 Important Reasons Why Your Company Needs Construction Fence Banners”

Which is better for your business: A-frame signs or feather discount banners

You want your outdoor sign to get attention. But the kind of attention you get may come from the kind of outdoor sign you use.

Feather banners, also known as feather banner flags or teardrop banners, are an increasingly popular option when it comes to outdoor signage. By comparison, A-frame signs are relatively traditional. We’re talking about the sandwich board signs you’ll see balancing on the sidewalk in front of some businesses or events.

But this distinction between each is not so simple. There are distinct benefits to both the A-frame sign and the feather banner. It’s worth taking a deeper look to explore them. Join us as we do just that below. Read more “Outdoor Signs: Feather Banners vs A-Frame Signs”

36 Guerrilla Marketing ideas
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Conventions are all about standing out, so companies are increasingly looking for outside-the-box guerrilla marketing ideas for trade shows that can help them differentiate and be memorable.

To help you accomplish your trade show marketing goals and adopt some buzzworthy crazy marketing tactics, consider using one (or all!) of the following ideas at the next conference you attend: Read more “36 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows”

Feather Flag Assembly Instructions

When AZ Banners ships your order, we make sure to include a set of feather flag assembly instructions that visually guides the assembly process. However, some people may want additional guidelines to accompany their feather flag assembly instructions, so here are some additional explanation and an alternative set of instructions to help make assembly as quick and easy as possible. Read more “Easy Feather Flag Assembly Instructions to Setup Quickly”

Businesses should never overlook the advertising draw and appeal of outdoor A-frame signs because their customers certainly won’t.

A-frame signs, also sometimes called sandwich boards or sidewalk signs, occupy a critical viewing space just below eye level. While dead-center eye level would seem to be the most noticeable part of the human perspective, having objects just above or just below this center line makes us naturally drawn to look. This reflex is likely a product of evolution since it resembles scanning the ground or the sky for potential predators and prey. It can even be demonstrated in the professed “rule of thirds” in artistic composition.

These signs are versatile, ultra-portable, and give you the freedom to advertise without the permits or other constraints you may have to contend with when using other types of signs.

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Custom Pop up Tents Printing
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From trade shows to local festivals, there’s always another event just around the corner that offers you a chance to market yourself.

Custom pop-up tents could be your secret weapon to standing out in the crowd of vendors. Inexpensive and easy to use, custom tents offer a versatile and functional addition to your booth at any upcoming event.

Consider these benefits of custom pop-up tents for your business. Read more “5 Big Benefits of Using Custom Pop-up Tents for All Kinds of Events”

bandit sign printing
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The average business puts away 10% to 12% of annual projected sales amounts into the year’s marketing budget. Companies spend a huge portion of their budget on advertising. If only there were a better, cheaper way to find and attract new leads.

While digital marketing is on the rise, many experts have forgotten about the more traditional methods of advertising. These include radio, TV, and print ads. Read more “5 Ways to Promote Your Business With a Bandit Sign”

Create Custom Printed Tablecloth
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Custom banners, check. Promo pens, check. Business cards, check.

While you may think you’ve got everything ready for your upcoming trade show, there’s one thing you’ve forgotten. A custom printed tablecloth!

But can’t you just use a normal tablecloth? You can, but if you do, you’re missing out on a super advertising opportunity.

So how can you use a printed tablecloth to market your company? Read on for the 411 on how to turn your table into a brand ambassador. Read more “How to Use a Custom Printed Tablecloth to Market Your Organization”

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With so many businesses and startups today, attracting people to your events can be difficult. Standing out in a sea of competition is one sure way of improving sales.

Creative banner designs are one way you can draw attention to your brand or business.

Read on to learn more about how to make your banners stand out. Read more “5 Tips For Creating Unique Banner Designs For Schools, Clubs & Charities”