You get a few seconds to make a first impression on someone and share your brand, but how do you do this effectively from your car?

It only takes 13 milliseconds for the brain to identify an image,

Investing in custom vehicle graphics is one of the best ways to stand out from the rest.

If you have ever considered having a custom car graphic added to your personal or business vehicle, we are sharing the must-have factors to catch potential clients’ eyes.

AZ Banners has over 25 years of experience printing quality, custom brand logos available to ship or local pickup.

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Grand Opening Strategic Banners and Signs
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You know how crucial a successful grand opening can be for your business.

Even the city or town where your business is located knows that grand opening signs lead the way to commercial success.

Getting your brand and message out effectively in a memorable way matters.

The right signs for business grand opening can remain in your customer’s mind long after opening day itself.

But how can you get a grand opening sign that makes the most impact?

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Banners & Signs for Summer Camps
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The American Camp Association reports that nearly 14 million people each year attend one of the 12,000 summer camps nationwide.

How do you make your camp stand out to keep kids coming back season after season?

An organized and enriching experience will do the trick!

Displaying signs for summer camps can prevent confusion on move-in day, keep children familiar with campgrounds, help camp directors lead large groups, and satisfy parents looking for easy navigation!

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Golf Tournament Event Planning Custom Signs
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Last year, over 3.2 million Americans played on a golf course for the first time.

The game’s growth in popularity is good news for anyone doing golf tournament event planning this year.

In addition, businesses are returning to the golf tournament as an excellent marketing tool.

If you look to sponsor an event soon, you will want the best custom signage for your golf tournament.

So make sure you have the best promotional banners to show your company. Keep reading for five custom banner ideas to help you stand out on the links.

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Custom Pop Up Shade Canopy
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Marketing is a major part of making sure your business is as successful as possible.

Often, the first things that come to mind when a business owner thinks about how to improve their marketing are online strategies or traditional advertising tools.

But getting creative and trying out-of-the-box ideas can sometimes bring the best results.

Using things like a custom shade canopy as a marketing tool is one of those types of ideas.

It’s a tool you can continue to use over and over again in a variety of settings.

Follow along for four of the best ways to use a custom pop up shade canopy to promote your business!

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Heavy Duty Outdoor Banner Material For A Heat
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As a business owner, you’re constantly trying to find ways to advertise your business.

Social media is the greatest tool you have, but it also takes a lot of work to gain a following.

In the meantime, what are some other ways to help you get noticed?

Heavy-duty outdoor banners are a great way to help get your business some attention.

They’re large, noticeable, and can be customized to say what you need.

Before you buy a banner, you should know which materials work best for them.

Not all materials have the same longevity or temperance for the Arizona heat.

Here are the best materials to consider for your banner. Read more “Heavy Duty Outdoor Banners: Best Banner Material for Phoenix AZ Heat”

Quick Banner Printing Tips to Create Banners Fast
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89% of marketers see brand awareness as a top priority for running businesses.

If you want to attract and grow an audience, a custom banner may be an affordable and effective marketing tool for your business.

Make a memorable first impression and design a banner to stand out in your industry.

Read on for quick banner printing advice and create the highest quality sign to get your marketing up and running. Read more “Quick Banner Printing Tips To Create Great Looking Banners Fast”

Most Popular Cheap Vinyl Banners
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There’s nothing that attracts people’s attention more than a bright outdoor vinyl banner!

Outdoor banner advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. But guess what, it still works!

Whether you’re announcing a new product or building your brand through visual advertisement, custom vinyl banners are a cost-effective and popular option to create customer interest.

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Portable Tradeshow Display
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Getting your business seen in the modern world can seem impossible when there are so many social media pages, business advertisements, and the competition only grows more each day that passes…

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Having an impressive portable tradeshow display is a good start.

There are many easy portable tradeshow displays as well as collapsible portable tradeshow displays.

But, having a stand at a tradeshow isn’t enough to make people notice you.

It’s the little details that will get you noticed and make a lasting impression on people passing by.

Here is your guide to making a spectacular business display at tradeshows. Read more “Popular Portable Tradeshow Display Ideas”