Grand Opening Banners and Signs

Most Effective Grand Opening Banners and Signs

A grand opening is a critical marketing moment for any new business. Not only do you have to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, but you want the positive experiences and “hype” generated from the event to carry momentum into the next few months.

This essential need for attention translates to having as many eyeballs on your location and as many feet walking towards it as possible. Here are the best grand opening banners and signs that can help make that happen:

Oversized Outdoor Vinyl “GRAND OPENING” Bannersvinyl grand opening banner

Without a doubt, an oversized “GRAND OPENING” outdoor vinyl banner is a necessity for a new location. It spells the message loud and clear while drawing people into a familiar way to experience the new.

If someone is not 100 percent clear that this is the location’s grand opening, the flurry of activity and the likely chaos of the event could be confusing.

Additionally, “GRAND OPENING” banners can instantly grab attention and make people curious. No matter what other messages you want to get across, establishing that this is a thrilling opportunity to try something new will be the first bit of convincing passers-by need to check out what is going on.

Feather Bannersfeather banner grand opening

Feather banners can readily complement a larger banner hung in a central location by supplementing how viewable it is. Feather banners posted by the street or along the sides of the property ensure that people are drawn visually to the event before they receive any other information. With the city’s permission, you may even be able to place temporary signs in medians or along public stretches of road to cover even more territory.

Best of all, feather banners can be affordably replaced with new designs while keeping the underlying structure, making them a great investment for grand openings that can be reused for years!

A-Frame Signs and Sidewalk Signsa-frame grand opening sign

Like feather banners, A-frame signs can add on exposure territory and offer the cost benefit of a reusable underlying structure. They make great coverage for sidewalk areas, or they can add more specific and colorful messages for people about to walk in the door.

Perhaps even more importantly, A-frames can direct unfamiliar people to locations they might be looking for, such as a showroom, cashier’s counter, restroom, dining room or other important space.

Step and Repeat Vinyl or Fabric Backdropsstep and repeat vinyl fabric banner grand opening

A step and repeat banner may seem like potential overkill, but in this social-media-obsessed age, giving someone an ideal spot to take selfies and feel like a celebrity enables free grassroots-driven marketing. Encourage additional exposure while tapping into a customers’ friends list with a stylish, professional step and repeat backdrop that wouldn’t look out of place at a Hollywood premiere. You can also reuse the backdrop any time you have another special event!

Spinner Signsspinner sign grand opening

Nothing grabs attention like the human element! Hiring someone to use your colorful, engaging spinner sign to perform neat tricks makes your grand opening impossible to ignore while encouraging crowdsourced marketing as people film the performance and upload it to social media.

Custom Grand Opening Banners and Signs to Fit Your Needs

No matter what style of grand opening sign or banner you want, AZ Banners, a custom grand opening sign print house, can help you customize your design for maximum impact and versatility. We inspect all products for quality and design accuracy, and we can ship them anywhere in the U.S.!


Contact the grand opening banner experts at AZ Banners to get started today! Request a quote online or call 480-718-0544 now!

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