Which is better for your business: A-frame signs or feather discount banners

You want your outdoor sign to get attention. But the kind of attention you get may come from the kind of outdoor sign you use.

Feather banners, also known as feather banner flags or teardrop banners, are an increasingly popular option when it comes to outdoor signage. By comparison, A-frame signs are relatively traditional. We’re talking about the sandwich board signs you’ll see balancing on the sidewalk in front of some businesses or events.

But this distinction between each is not so simple. There are distinct benefits to both the A-frame sign and the feather banner. It’s worth taking a deeper look to explore them. Join us as we do just that below. Read more “Outdoor Signs: Feather Banners vs A-Frame Signs”

Grand Opening Banners and Signs

A grand opening is a critical marketing moment for any new business. Not only do you have to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, but you want the positive experiences and “hype” generated from the event to carry momentum into the next few months.

This essential need for attention translates to having as many eyeballs on your location and as many feet walking towards it as possible. Here are the best grand opening banners and signs that can help make that happen: Read more “Most Effective Grand Opening Banners and Signs”