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40 Ways to Use Customizable Banners [Ultimate List]

When looking to a marketing technique that has high exposure potential and very low upfront cost, customizable banners take the cake. Few other advertising methods can offer the immediate impact and direct benefits of printing a custom banner. Banners are reusable, have a quick turnaround time for design, can attract thousands of eyeballs in a single afternoon when placed optimally, and can improve the reputation of your brand when designed well.

Banners are also ridiculously versatile. Just how versatile, you ask? Well, we sat down and came up with 40 different ways you can use customizable banners to increase revenue, promote your brand or just make a measurable impact:

40 Different Uses of Customizable Banners

  1. Help people find your business location during a sale or promotion with special event banners
  2. Make your booth stand out during a convention with trade show banners
  3. Tell people about something new that happened, like a new menu, new specials or a new location that just opened up
  4. Catch everyone sitting in traffic during their morning or afternoon commute by putting a banner in the right spot along major roads
  5. Reinforce other marketing materials, like saying “Watch our new commercial during the Suns game!” or “Visit us on Facebook!”
  6. Highlight charity work or other community contributions you make
  7. Remind people about your brand with a catchy slogan, professional logo or adorable mascot
  8. Answer major questions, like “How to prevent dead lawns this summer? Use us!”
  9. Show off your sponsorship for local sports teams at local stadiums and parks
  10. Represent your brand or group while participating in Phoenix’s local parades
  11. Create a pop-up banner to use at tradeshows or to spruce up the look of your business lobby
  12. Direct people to important locations, like saying “Bring Your Trade-ins Here!” at a car dealership promotion
  13. Make your event attendees feel like celebrities with step-and-repeat fabric backdrops
  14. Make your business location or showroom feel more colorful
  15. Create educational banners for museums, classrooms, trade shows and public events
  16. Get use out of your latest display campaign by copying the graphics onto banners
  17. Help advertise a charity drive, fundraiser or thrift sale
  18. Dress up your store windows to make your building more visually appealing
  19. Put your warehouse or office building walls to good use with massive hanging banners
  20. Promote certain products to lift sales or remind people of top-sellers
  21. Create realistic-looking, high-quality fabric banners for gorgeous graphics that almost look real
  22. Design long-lasting outdoor vinyl banners that promote your business in any weather
  23. Dress up your tailgate or pre-game event to show your team spirit
  24. Incorporate Phoenix landmarks in outdoor advertising, such as having a bedouin group crossing the desert with Camelback Mountain’s profile behind them
  25. Keep people up-to-date and answer their questions, such as saying “Sorry About the Mess! We’re Renovating to Be Better Than Ever!”
  26. Create a professional looking banner to make your private event like a wedding, graduation party or birthday all the more special
  27. Encourage people to donate to your charity group or church
  28. Make special events even more immersive, such as holding a “Casino Night” with banners of neon casino signs
  29. Get exposure for your election candidate
  30. Dress up a certain part of your property, such as making a parking lot fence colorful instead of gloomy
  31. Create replacement banners so you can reuse your pop-up banner stands and get a better return on your investment
  32. Congratulate someone in the community, like a graduating school class or an award-winning community member
  33. Turn people’s heads with a creative or wacky banner design, such as having a dog and cat floating in outer space with astronaut helmets
  34. Let people know about policy changes for your business, such as saying “We now accept returns for store credit without receipts!”
  35. Dress up your local sports event or race with custom graphics
  36. Tell people about your branding values, such as long banners saying “Integrity” “Value” and “Community”
  37. Create a temporary version of your store sign during renovations or when opening a new location
  38. Obscure unsightly equipment or areas of your property behind a massive outdoor banner
  39. Attract new talent to work with your business using “Now Hiring” signs
  40. Test designs for more expensive campaigns like billboards or stadium signs with a cheap vinyl banner

We Can Come up With Even More Ideas for Using Customizable Banners If You Tell Us What You Need!

Rest assured that these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all you can do with custom banner printing in Phoenix. To get even more inspiration or to go ahead and order from a custom banner print shop in Phoenix today, contact us now!


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