Inexpensive Vinyl Banners
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Can Inexpensive Vinyl Banners Increase Market Visibility?

While many small businesses are adjusting to the latest high-tech marketing strategies, they are still finding that low-tech methods can produce some of the best results. Something as simple as inexpensive vinyl banners can pull people into your store or onto their phones to call you for services.

After all, even though everyone is glued to their phones and computers these days, we sit up and take notice of physical reminders. Cheap business banners work especially well in this context if they are directing us towards a business we can see, which compels us to act immediately and gives us clear directions for where to go.

For this reason, many small business owners are frequently printing banners in Phoenix as part of the ongoing duties of marketing a business. Find out how they make these banners work for them — driving revenues and making people take notice — as we outline suggested best practices for implementing vinyl banners as part of your marketing strategy.

Decide Where Vinyl Banners Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy does several things:

  1. It defines goals for marketing activities
    • g. — “exposing new customers to our business,” or “increasing purchases of a certain good or service”
  2. It creates possible customer journeys for how someone goes from seeing marketing materials to making a purchase
    • g. — “They see a Facebook ad then go to our site then visit a store,” or “they see a giant SALE banner then come into the store”
  3. It accounts for all marketing resources, including digital ones, physical ones and conceptual ones
    • g. — “Facebook ads, vinyl banners, promotion ideas, recognizable brand logos, a customer referral program”

In order for marketing to be effective and worth your investment, every new resource or activity should fit within the marketing goals and customer journey while complementing other marketing resources being used.

For instance, is your banner going to help people who already know about the event through online posting find your store, or are you trying to pull in people from the road who didn’t know your event was going on yet? Thinking carefully about your strategy in this way helps dictate the design of your banner and how it will ultimately be used.

Research Good Locations to Put Your Banner

Once you have a concrete goal in mind for your banner and know how it works within your marketing strategy, you are going to need to decide on some possible locations to hang it. If you intend to use your banner for events or over a long period, you may even use it in dozens of different locations over time.

Try to identify locations and events that would maximize marketing exposure to people who are the most likely to take action based on what your banner reads. For instance, if you have your banner up during a big high school basketball game, would it make more sense to hang it in the gym where everyone on the bleachers can see it, or by the snack bar where they are most likely to be on their phones? If your goal is just “brand awareness,” putting the banner up by the court works best, but if you intend for people to go to a website or search a certain hashtag, then the lobby location would be better.

Similarly, look for public areas around town to hang your banner that don’t just have high volumes of traffic, but high volumes of people who are likely to be your customers. Also, if your banner is directing people to your store, try multiple positions, and then view it from a distance to see which one is most visible.

Test Different Inexpensive Vinyl Banner Designs to See Which Gives the Best ROI

The best part about cheap vinyl banners is that you can print several and then test them to see which one gets the best response. You should always look to outdoor banner design best practices for inspiration but experiment boldly to hone in on the sign that can really draw people in. Find ways to track which sign has the best performance by asking customers directly or by directing people to different websites based on the banner they saw.

You can get even more help designing your banner and deciding the best way to use it when you work with an affordable banner print house in AZ like AZ Banners that will enthusiastically collaborate with you. Contact us today to describe your project so we can get started!


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