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Mastering the Art of Step and Repeat Signs: A Pro’s Guide

Are you attempting to plan an event that is sure to wow eventgoers?

If so, you will need to take a moment and consider using step and repeat signs.

Not only are they effective, but they can also create the meaningful impact you’re looking to create.

If you want to create brand awareness through the use of event signage, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on now and learn why step and repeat signs should be added to your arsenal of branding tools.

What Are Step and Repeat Signs? Why Are They a Useful Branding Tool?

Before you create the banners, signage, and backdrop for your next event, we’ve got to explain why step and repeat signs are so useful.

Think back to the last event you attended and every place you saw the brand’s logo or something that made you think about the brand itself.

A step and repeat is used to create an impression of the brand in the minds of people who are attending the event.

Typically, the logo creates a pattern that repeats over and over across the sign.

Step and repeats are typically used as the backdrops for photo opportunities and can greatly increase overall brand exposure.

Why Are Step and Repeats Designed This Way?

If you’re unfamiliar with steps and repeats, it can be challenging to understand why they’re designed the way they are.

This is why we will provide some key insights into why they are so effective because of how they have been laid out.

The first reason is that it creates a lasting impact and gets people to start talking about the brand because it’s a high-quality backdrop.

These backdrops make people remember key events they’ve attended in the past, which is an impression you want for your brand to become more recognizable.

Another reason they’re used so often is because they create the perfect moment for a photo.

Not only does this mean your brand logo is likely to show up in social media shots across various platforms, but it also means that these high-end backdrops can be used for interviews and other speaking sessions.

Step and Repeat vs. Backdrop

While a step and repeat and backdrop might seem similar, it’s crucial to understand that they serve very different purposes.

A backdrop can be used to set the scene that is being conveyed at an event.

A step and repeat aims to showcase the sponsors and brands represented and contributing to the event’s success.

Another key difference is that instead of being the focal point of an event, a backdrop can hide something that isn’t aesthetically pleasing, such as a wall that event hosts want to hide.

They can sometimes go together because a step and repeat combines with a backdrop to create a more seamless and cohesive experience for the eventgoers. In contrast, a step and repeat can work with backdrops to further promote the sponsors of an event.

Step and Repeat Signs: Things to Know

When it comes to using step and repeat signs, the truth is that they are one of the strongest branding tools you can use during themed events.

They increase brand awareness, helping your brand stick out amongst competitors.

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