Large Outdoor Vinyl Signs Use Cases
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Large Outdoor Vinyl Signs: Top 3 Use Cases

Did you know there are 55 million commercial establishments in the United States?

The business world is a big and competitive field, and that competition is constant and fierce.

Signs are a must for building a good business, and the best way to get an edge in your industry is through advertising to potential clients.

As a startup, one way to do this is by using outdoor vinyl signs.

Advertising with outdoor signs is a popular and inexpensive option to get your brand out to the public.

As a new business looking to attract consumers, knowing how to choose the right large vinyl sign design is synonymous with branding success.

Keep reading to learn about the top three types of vinyl signs and the best uses for each.

1. Adhesive Vinyl

If you’ve seen any sign placed on the window of a business, you’ve almost certainly spotted adhesive vinyl.

Adhesive vinyl is the most popular type due to its outdoor sign durability and very low vinyl sign maintenance.

Adhesive vinyl has a single-side adhesive that gets plastered to the front of a hard, clean surface, usually a window.

The vinyl is easy to install and works on multiple surfaces.

It also tends to be a very affordable option, making it one of the best outdoor vinyl signs for any startup business.

2. Heat Transfer Vinyl

Although not as popular as adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl has many uses in advertising.

Unlike the simple stick-on application of the adhesive, heat transfer vinyl is applied via a heat-activated adhesive.

Normally, this heat is applied by ironing the vinyl cutout onto a surface.

In most cases, this type of vinyl is used on fabrics, so quite often, you’ll see them on t-shirts and other apparel.

However, they can still be used on larger cloths in outdoor settings and events.

3. Car Decal Vinyl

Have you seen a car or business van with an advertisement on its windshield?

This is a car decal, which is a form of vinyl created specifically for advertising using a vehicle.

Car decals are a great way to advertise any business, primarily if that business relies heavily on transportation to make connections and sales.

Like an adhesive vinyl, the car decal is applied to the glass of the vehicle, but it’s designed to form around the vehicle’s contour.

Proper application will allow you to advertise around the area so potential customers know what your business is about and where they can find it.

The Right Outdoor Vinyl Signs for Your Needs

There are many different use cases for vinyl signs, so you’ll need to decide which is the best one for your needs.

Once you’ve figured that out, check with AZ Banners to get your outdoor vinyl signs made for you.

AZ Banners is experienced with vinyl sign creation and has been working in the industry for many years.

Their decals are cut with precision from high-quality outdoor vinyl that’s made to last for years against the elements and everyday wear, so you’ll be able to advertise for the long haul.

Check out their website to see the banner options available for purchase, and when you’re ready to buy, reach out for a free quote.

You’ll be sure to get the advertising your business needs for success!


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