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5 Ways to Turn Heads with These Trade Show Display Ideas

Participating in a trade show is one of the best ways to showcase your products, demonstrate your services, and create connections with other people in the industry.

The problem is, a lot of companies are going to be trying their hardest to make a huge impression. If you aren’t careful you’ll become a clam in a sea of beautiful and glamorous fish.

Here are 5 great trade show display ideas that you should keep in mind when deciding on what you’re going to bring to the table.

1. Get Guests Involved

Having your guests get involved in your display is a great way to showcase your products and let your attendees in on the action. For example, if your products are smoothie powders let others in on making them.

If the guests are engaged and having fun they will be more likely to watch demos and buy your product. Not only that but when attendees see other participants having fun they’ll want a piece of it too.

2. People Enjoy Free Stuff

Prepare promotional items like shirts, keychains, and other things that are easy to make and generate a huge payoff.

If you want to draw a huge crowd you can raffle items off or hold a contest. They’ll line up for their chance to win if the prizes are worth it.

3. Create a Relaxing Space

If you create an “at home” feeling at your booth, your attendees will relax and want to stay longer.

To create this effect you can use a homey backdrop that will help them unwind and get comfortable. You can take this a step further by offering warm refreshments and ask how their day was. Encourage them to take their coats off and stay a while.

4. Entertain Your Guests

If you have the budget entertain your guests with live music. It will create a fun atmosphere that will keep attendees sticking around. Humans are curious as two-week-old kittens so they will leave other booths to come over and see what’s going on.

Make sure you check out the rules for this with the trade show organizers before you hire a band. They might not like it if the band disrupts other activities.

5. Fun Cut-Out of Your Brand

Fun cardboard cut-outs of your mascot is a great way to promote your brand and draw a crowd.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who will line up to take a selfie with a cut-out. People like the memorabilia factor.

Turn Heads with These Creative Trade Show Display Ideas

Trade shows are a great way to display your brand, market yourself to a wide audience, and make connections with powerful industry leaders. The biggest thing we want you to take away from these trade show display ideas is to make your guests feel comfortable, and show them a great time. Do this, and you can’t really go wrong.

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