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3 Creative Ideas for Making Custom Canvas Banners

The idea of advertising your company on a flat surface has been around for over 5,000 years. In that time, technology and techniques have come across leaps and bounds, allowing many different types of interaction. It is important to do something unique to stand out, but what are your options in this regard?

Below, we list three of the most impactful ways to make your canvas banners special. So, have a read through these examples and see if they would work for your needs.

1. Areas to Write or Draw On

If you create a custom-printed banner that includes a writable surface, such as a vinyl section, you can allow people to customize it. Depending on the event you are at, this could empower people to show their excitement at your product or simply show the popularity of your display.

If you need banners for community events, weddings, or places where people show decorum, this will often create camaraderie. By the end, you will have something you can display with a sense of pride and show off all the people who contributed.

This is also a good way to gather suggestions or comments from people who might want to give feedback but not talk to you. Similarly, it could create prompts for you to answer or clarify as a part of a larger event if people use the space on a custom sign to ask questions.

2. Scratch-Off Sections

Creating “scratch-off” areas on canvas banners allows you to run a competition or promo during any event you attend. After engaging with your brand specifically, you can allow people to scratch away an element on the banner, potentially revealing a prize.

This is great if you want to entice visitors to interact with your booth, as people like to be a part of a larger thing. By offering a reward, visitors will also be more excited about the potential of owning your product or engaging with you in another way. If they then lose, they might feel like they want to investigate your service anyway.

3. Local Artist Collaboration

Working with local talent to show that you are part of a region’s community can be very good. By showcasing such talent on custom-printed banners, you can show off your brand in a unique style that people relate to.

Depending on your customers, you might want to work with graffiti artists, graphics designers, or many other types of creators. At the end of your event, you can even sell off the banner and donate proceeds to a local charity to create even more local goodwill.

The Best Canvas Banners For Your Needs

With the above options in hand, you can make much better decisions about making your brand stand out among the crowd. We are ready to offer many different ways to show off who you are on both canvas banners and beyond.

You can talk to our staff to learn more about what we can give you. So, give us a call today and bring your company’s displays from 3,000 BC into the 21st century.

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