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Creating Meaningful Church Banners and Signs

Jesus once gave an analogy about how important growing the kingdom of God is in Mark 4:26-29.

Jesus used crops to explain how growth comes from both preparing soil and letting nature happen.

This is the same example you may choose to use when it comes to growing your church fellowship.

You can put in some work to encourage your “crops” to grow and also leave your growth in God’s hands.

Church banners and signs are a great way to spread the word about your church and remind others of meaningful messages.

Read on to learn more about how you can use banners and signs to elevate your church.

Give Your Name Some Size and Style

A great way to attract people to your church and stand out in your community is to hang a banner featuring your church’s name printed in beautiful lettering.

Church banners are big enough to let people know the church’s name and what date and time they can catch a service.

Hanging a sign year-round will ensure people don’t forget about your church services.

If you’re looking to hang a large sign outdoors for passing cars and faraway pedestrians to see, consider a vinyl banner or a mesh banner.

Both these types of banners are large and eye-catching even from a distance.

You can design your banner yourself or ask for suggestions from our design experts at AZ Banners.

You can also get creative and change your banner to match each passing season or order banners in several styles and colors.

Don’t be afraid to add a lovely logo or image either!

Keep Information Simple

While a banner is big enough to display plenty of information, an effective banner makes good use of its space without cluttering it.

People who are looking to join a congregation will likely remember your church signs easily if the information is displayed neatly and stands out.

Resist the urge to put too many words on a banner.

You can make an effective banner that includes as few details as the church’s name, days and times of worship, and a short message like “Happy Holidays.”

Adding some appealing graphics to a simple but informative banner will likely help you stand out in people’s memory.

Advertise Special Events

You can also make custom banners to promote upcoming church events, like a Christmas play or a special Easter Sunday service.

Include solid details like the date, time, and a short description such as “Join us for service, a potluck dinner, and family games.”

You can create your event banner with festive designs and colors in mind so that you’ll want to use them for years to come.

You can also include inviting details like “newcomers welcome” or “visit our office today for more information.”

Advertising special events will also let your community know that your church is active, fun, and always engaging.

Create Church Banners and Signs Today

Now you know some of the best ways to utilize church banners and signs.

There are many different types of banners to choose from that will fit your church’s needs.

Order your church banners and signs from AZ Banners today to help get the word out about your church.


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