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How to Use a Custom Printed Tablecloth to Market Your Organization

Custom banners, check. Promo pens, check. Business cards, check.

While you may think you’ve got everything ready for your upcoming trade show, there’s one thing you’ve forgotten. A custom printed tablecloth!

But can’t you just use a normal tablecloth? You can, but if you do, you’re missing out on a super advertising opportunity.

So how can you use a printed tablecloth to market your company? Read on for the 411 on how to turn your table into a brand ambassador.

The 411 on Tablecloth Design

With less than 30-seconds to make a first impression, you’ve got to make sure your booth looks inviting. And the first thing people glance at is your table. If it’s unorganized, boring or just a bit random, it’ll stop people from taking a closer look.

In these 4 elements of tablecloth design, branding is the key to success. Let’s take a look.

Company Logo

The first thing onlookers will notice about your tablecloth is your logo. And that’s what they will remember because people are more likely to remember pictures than words. Take McDonalds and Nike, for example.

In the same way, make your logo a clear and clean focal point on the front of the tablecloth. You can add it to the top of the table too, but only those who sit at the table will be able to see it.

Even if you’re still building up your brand and your logo is unknown, add it. It’s an important way of spreading brand awareness.

Extra Text

Your logo on your tablecloth is the focal point, but for context, you need wording. Depending on the space you have, consider adding text, such as your:

  • Company name
  • Website
  • Social media accounts
  • Company tagline

Whatever text you decide to display on your custom tablecloths, make sure it’s clear and easy to read. Avoid typefaces that are hard to read from a distance. Keep it bold, clear, and to the point.

Color Choice

Again, it all comes down to your branding. The aim is to show the world what you’re all about. So if you’re emitting eco-friendly vibes, use earthy colors and if you’re sleek and modern, try using monochrome or metallic.

But to avoid logo camouflage issues, try to use a high contrast color background. For example, a plain white or black background can make a brightly colored logo stand out. If your logo or text blends into the background, you’ve got the wrong color.

Table Type

Whatever type of table is available, you need to drape a tablecloth with style. Fortunately, you can get printed tablecloth that match all different shapes and sizes of tables. For example:

  • Standard Rectangle (hangs down on all 4 sides like a restaurant tablecloth)
  • Standard Round (hangs like a restaurant tablecloth on a round table)
  • Three-side (similar to standard, but leaves the back open for easy access to supplies stored underneath)
  • Table Runner (a custom strip of fabric to hang over a plain tablecloth)
  • Fitted (a taut, stretchy fabric that pulls tight around the table)

Choose one or more of these tablecloth types so that you’re ready for anything.

When and Where to Use Custom Tablecloths

If you make the investment and buy printed tablecloths, where can you use them? At trade shows, parties, conventions, luncheons, and any other event. Using them at every possible opportunity will give you the chance to advertise wherever you go.

Printed Tablecloth—We’ve Got You Covered!

If you’re looking for a printed tablecloth for your next event, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our options and get your free quote today.


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