Effective Sign Printing A Frame Signs
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Smart and Effective Sign Printing: A-Frame Signs

COVID-19 has infiltrated our lives beyond infection rates. Social distance expectations surpass just person to person interaction. 

The virus affects the way we exchange information, too. Especially as we begin to resume more daily norms.

As businesses change their service structures or even as some start to reopen, much will remain different. 

People will be confused. Many won’t know where to stand, what to do, and some will need to be reminded to wear masks and stand six feet apart. 

Luckily, we have an easy, visually appealing solution. Consider this: an A-Frame sign. Here are just a few reasons why effective sign printing is a great addition for any business or establishment.

First Thing’s First: Safety

What’s expected of us in this pandemic is drilled in most of our memories for ages to come, but it’s still important to re-exhibit the information. 

Having a sign with safety reminders and expectations not only reiterates what’s essential, but it also makes other guests feel safe and reaffirmed, as well. 

An A-frame sign holder with changeable inserts can inform readers of the precautions that are important to your business. One option is to summarize some of the relevant CDC guidelines for businesses. 

Try a Banner

Another great option might be a vinyl banner. These are often seen from farther lengths, and they can fit even more information if desired. Banners can be customized into various sizes and uses in order to communicate the necessary information.

Statistics say that 35% of customers are made known of local businesses by reading their names as they pass. That percentage is higher than other statistics, like word of mouth or advertising.

A-Frame Signs with Multiple Uses

While it might seem like it right now, the pandemic won’t last forever. Thankfully, the facemasks and 6-feet distances will eventually go away. A-frame sidewalk signs, however, can stay!

What’s great about these signs is that plastic a-frame sign is interchangeable. The A-frame sign stand can stay, while the insertable posters can be swapped out easily to update your messaging. 

Use it for safety regulations right now. Remind people to wear masks and to keep six feet apart. Remind people that you’re open, or that your hours are different. 

Or, just remind people that you’re here, you’re happy, and you’re ready to serve. 

When the pandemic’s over, the A-frame sign holder will still be there to share whatever message you have to help bring more people in the door and to help the people already inside navigate.

Customizable Communication

A-frames are great for sidewalks, but there are many ways to put them to good use. 

Both positioning and type of information are interchangeable factors that will get your business the most out of an A-frame sign. 

Whether you plan to use it because of COVID-19 to share helpful information for others and for your business or you plan to use it for directions or promotions, an A-frame sign is a life-long tool for any business. 

Check out these personal customization options to get a sign ready to make things easier. 

If you need of A-frame signs, safety signs, social distancing signs, or any other type of signs or banners to help communicate with your customers or community, call AZ Banners at 480-718-0544 for a free quote! The fastest and most effective sign printing experts in the West!