Safety Signs Banners for Schools
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Need for Safety Signs and Banners for Schools Exploding

There’s no way around it. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that’s forced schools across the country to emphasize safety.

There are more than 50.8 million public school students across the United States.

The sheer number of students means safety can be a challenge.

The spread of the coronavirus is increasing demand for signs and banners in schools.

Read on to learn how your school can leverage safety signs and banners on your campus!

Send a Clear Message

Safety signs and banners are a great way to send a clear message to faculty and students of all ages.

These signs and banners can be designed to connect with your students, depending on their age and grade level.

For example, safety signs for kids like “Wash Your Hands” and “Stand Six Feet Apart” are a way for you to keep your message short and to the point.

The clearer your message, the more effective your sign or banner will be on your student body.

Repetition Is Key

Repetition plays a crucial role in helping someone commit something to their memory.

Repetitive behavior helps move a message from a student’s conscious to the subconscious.

The leadership at your school can work with a reputable sign company to create unique signs.

They can also work with you to determine where to place them around campus so you can maximize the benefit for teachers and students.

Beyond COVID-19, your school can use signs and banners to warn about other safety hazards on campus.

Some of these include signs to notify students about a closed bathroom or hallway, or a “Wet Floor” sign.

Order Signs and Banners in Bulk

You should work with an experienced sign and banner company to find the best ones for your school campus.

The company you choose should be willing to work with you to help identify the unique needs on your campus.

Based on your budget and the messages you want around your school, the company will make recommendations that share your message in the most effective way.

Ordering signs and banners in bulk can save you time and money.

That’s because you can take advantage of special offers on bigger orders and won’t have to spend time placing additional orders if you run out of the signs or banners you need.

The Importance of Safety Signs and Banners

Safety signs and banners for schools play an important role in helping you and your staff create a better environment for your students and their families.

While COVID-19 has forced people of all ages to take an increased interest in safety and personal hygiene, signs and banners can be used for many different types of messages.

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