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Pop-up Banner Showdown: Retractable vs. X-Frame – Which One Wins?

Did you know that outdoor pop-up banners are far more effective at capturing attention?

Increasingly, small business owners are turning to customized promotional banners for their marketing and business promotion needs.

A high-quality attention-grabbing banner can be the difference in getting noticed in a sea of advertisements.

They are great indoor or outdoor events.

There are two types of pop-up banners available on the market today.

They are retractable banners and X-Frame banners.

You may be wondering which one is better.

Or can you tell the differences between the two?

As is always true in technology, there is some overlap between retractable banners and an X-Frame.

Keep reading to learn more about each option to help you decide which option might be right for your business.

Benefits of Outdoor Pop-Up Banners

Outdoor pop-up banners are a great way to display your brand, logo, or message to a large audience.

The promotional banners are perfect for outdoor use because they’re mobile and set up quickly.

Pop-up banners are designed with digital printing in full color.

Your design consists of original marketing customized for your brand.

Most custom-printed banners come in a convenient carrying case and flexible banner stands.

The collapsible promotional banners are great for many businesses.

Retractable Banners 

Retractable banner stands are a simple and flexible way to display your message at any event.

They’re perfect for tradeshows and other events because they’re easy to transport and can help set your booth apart from the crowd.

Pull the crossbar up to the upper pole of your banner stand to set up your banner and attach your custom-printed banners.

Simply pull the banner down from the upper pole to take down your banner stand.

Tug it from the bottom of the stand, and the banner will roll into the base.

If your budget is a big factor in your banner selection, go for the retractable stand.

You’ll save money when you order a replacement banner.

X-Frame Pop-Up Banners

The X-Frame stand is an outdoor pop-up banner stand that looks like the letter “X.”

It’s lightweight and easy to use.

It’s also the best choice for customers who need low-cost banner stands.

It’s easy to set up, and you can change the banner angle in seconds.

There are several X-Frame banner stand styles.

However, they all have one or two big hubs holding flexible arms that attach to the sides of the banners.

The arms act like tent poles, bending to create tension and holding the banner in place.

Most models have a support leg that helps balance the banner; some are adjustable to change the angle.

If your display area is small, retractable banners will take up less space.

And the Winner Is…?

Both X-Frame and retractable banners are portable and easy to use.

The outdoor pop-up banners you chose come down to personal preference.

Bring your company’s displays to life with vibrant custom-printed banners.

We’d love to chat with our team and see what we can do for you!

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