Outdoor A Frame Signs

5 Ways Eye-Catching Outdoor A-Frame Signs Boost Business

Businesses should never overlook the advertising draw and appeal of outdoor A-frame signs because their customers certainly won’t.

A-frame signs, also sometimes called sandwich boards or sidewalk signs, occupy a critical viewing space just below eye level. While dead-center eye level would seem to be the most noticeable part of the human perspective, having objects just above or just below this center line makes us naturally drawn to look. This reflex is likely a product of evolution since it resembles scanning the ground or the sky for potential predators and prey. It can even be demonstrated in the professed “rule of thirds” in artistic composition.

These signs are versatile, ultra-portable, and give you the freedom to advertise without the permits or other constraints you may have to contend with when using other types of signs.

Activate your A-frame’s ability to intrigue by placing outdoor A-frame signs in a strategic location with the following A-frame sign ideas:

Rotating Promotions and Specials

Custom A-frame printing allows you to create a series of interchangeable placards to display on your A-frame sign. Not only does rotating out the A-frame sign specials keep everyone current, but the novelty of having new items causes people to naturally take more interest in the sign. If they pass by it enough times, they may reflexively check it to see what is new every time.

Limited-time promotions also excite in a “word on the street” level that actually is at street level, adding to the intimacy of the sign viewing experience. You could even have outdoor A-frame signs created with a blank chalk slate or dry erase board portion to accompany each new special or promotion with eye-catching, hand drawn art .

Helping People Find Their Way to Your Store

Not all stores are located in a highly-visible strip mall alongside a highway. Some are tucked away inside a maze of older buildings in downtown areas, and others are part of more spread-out plaza-like shopping centers, such as Kierland Commons in Scottsdale.

Of course, there are all sorts of other reasons that a store front would lie off the beaten path. A-frame sign uses can extend to helping bring attention to these storefronts while explaining where a customer should go next to start their purchase. People get drawn in by the sign, and they get the information they need to avoid becoming frustrated or confused.

Laying Claim to a Common Footpath

Going back to the visual appeal of A-frame signs’ placement, custom outdoor A-frame signs have the power to effectively “brand” a busy sidewalk byway in a way that few other display mediums could. A-frame sign printing can be the solution any business needs to stand out, increase their exposure to absent-minded passers-by and generally add to the visual appeal of their storefront.

Encouraging Impulse Buying

Use your A-frame sign as a promotional tool to spur on an impulse purchase. When you use messaging that creates urgency, such as “flash sale” or “one-day event,” it catches the attention of consumers and compels them to make a purchase that they may not have planned on. This works especially well for restaurants and retail establishments.

Highlighting Special Events

Does your business take part in conventions, fairs, festivals, concerts, or other special events? Sandwich boards are the perfect, portable solution to help draw customers in. We recommend including your logo along with your message on the sign to increase brand awareness and recognition among event participants.

A-Frame Signs Increase Visibility for Businesses, Churches, and Beyond

While A-frame signs are great for businesses, they can be equally beneficial to churches, non-profits, and individuals trying to get the word out. Sandwich boards can be used for:

  • Yard sales, bake sales, and sidewalk sales
  • Personal safety messages like “Children at Play” in residential areas and near parks and schools
  • Event management signs to direct conference goers or church attendees to the right area
  • Community events
  • Birthday parties, family reunions, and the like
  • Blood drives or donation drop-off areas
  • Vehicle traffic signage
  • And much more

A-frame signs are an extremely affordable, eye-catching way to get your message across. Whether you are providing direction, creating buzz, highlighting promotions and specials, encouraging impulse buys, or just increasing brand awareness, these sidewalk signs should be an essential tool in your business’s advertising toolkit.

With our high-quality A-frame signs, you can switch up your message as often as needed to display custom signage for any occasion or promotion. If you need help designing the perfect A-frame sign for your goals, we can help! Learn more about our A-frame signs here.


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