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Floor Stickers and More: How to Protect Your Customers from COVID-19

Almost 1.3 million people in the US have been infected by the coronavirus so far.

Needless to say, these are uncertain times for everyone- especially owners of brick and mortar stores. Running a physical business in the midst of a pandemic is no easy feat!

Thankfully, numerous steps are available to protect your customers while staying open for business. Everything from floor stickers to wearing face masks can make a difference.

Looking for advice on in-store tools and strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Keep reading!

Use Floor Stickers to Regulate Foot Traffic

Try to minimize the number of people in your store at any given time.

After all, viruses such as COVID-19 spread like wildfire in crowded conditions. It’s vital that customers can keep a safe personal distance from each other.

Floor stickers are a useful way to regulate the amount and flow of foot traffic. For instance, you can place them out front, 6 feet apart, to set a boundary where people should line up before entry. Then, inside the store, you can use the stickers to direct customers around the aisles.

Both steps should prevent crowds from forming.

Check the government website for your city to be clear on temporary rule changes & Call AZ Banners to have your banners and signs made to better communicate with your community.
See the City of Scottsdale and their temporary adjustment here.

Provide Hand Sanitizer on Entry/Exit

Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a considerable time.

That means you can transfer it from hands to objects and vice versa. People who may be asymptomatic could bring the virus into your store and may unknowingly transfer it to the items on your shelves.

Providing hand sanitizer (and ensuring that customers use it) at the doorway of your store can help. By killing the germs on entry and exit, there’s less chance of spreading the disease in this way.

Enforce Rigorous Handwashing Best-Practices

Of course, people working in your store can also contribute to the spread of the virus.

They might be restocking the shelves, handling products at the checkout, or unloading deliveries. Whatever the case, any contact with your products from an infected person risks contaminating it.

That’s why it’s vital for everyone to wash their hands properly throughout the day. It’ll prevent the unintentional transfer of germs, and keep everyone safer in the process.

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Away

Any employee with coronavirus symptoms must stay away from the store.

It’s far from ideal! You have fewer hands on deck and self-isolating staff members worry about their income. However, for obvious reasons, it’s also one of the most important ways to keep your customers, and other employees, safe.

Wear Face Masks

Face masks have been a point of contention throughout the pandemic.

Some countries have made it obligatory to wear them, while others deny their utility.

However, there’s a growing consensus that they do, in fact, make a difference. You could think about asking your employees to wear them in another bid to prevent the spread of the virus. If you’re going to provide masks to your employees, make sure they’re N95, the most effective ones.

Protect Customers from Coronavirus

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is creating a host of challenges to businesses across the globe.

Keeping customers safe in-store is one particular hurdle to overcome. Thankfully, taking measures like the ones we’ve highlighted above should help.

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