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How Can Restaurant Banners Be Used To Communicate During Coronavirus?

COVID-19 has taken the world by the storm, but it doesn’t have to take your restaurant with it.

As you continue to make changes to your daily operations to stay afloat, it’s imperative to update your customers.

You can send out emails and update your website, but you can also use a bold strategy like restaurant banners.

Keep reading to learn more about how to use restaurant banners to communicate during this global pandemic.

Check the government website for your city to be clear on temporary rule changes & Call AZ Banners to have your banners and signs made to better communicate with your community.
See the City of Scottsdale and their temporary adjustment here.

Why Should You Use Restaurant Banners?

Yes, you should update your website.

Yes, you should email your customers and post updates on your social media.

But why should you use a restaurant banner as a method of communication?

That’s easy…

It’s hard to ignore.

Restaurant banners will allow you to communicate with your existing customers as they drop by to pick up their usual Tuesday lunch, but it will also speak to people that have never patronized your place before.

Maybe they just happened to drive by or ride their bike past your restaurant.

Still not sure how this works? We got you covered.

Communicate Your Hours

The most simple thing you can use your restaurant banners for is letting your customers know that you’re still open for business.

With numerous states issuing curfews and lockdowns, many restaurants are experiencing temporary closures.

With an “open for business” sign, there will be no questions.

In addition to being open for business, inform your customers of your new hours.

State Your Services

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the FDA has established new guidelines for handling food. Because of these changes, what services are you offering? Call-to-order? Online order? Contact-free delivery? Uber Eats?

Whatever services that you choose to provide during this time can be clearly communicated by a banner.

Create an innovative banner with custom art or humor to draw attention.

Promote Safety

What is your restaurant doing to promote safety?

Customers want reassurance that their food is safely prepared and handled properly.

Of course, all workers are using protective equipment, but it doesn’t hurt to remind your patrons.

Are you using tamper-resistant delivery bags or delivering from a limited menu?

You can use restaurant banner services to promote your safety precautions to existing and potential customers.

Market Your Philanthropy

Are you running any special promotions or events during this time?

You could be waiving delivery fees or donating one dollar of each purchase to a local charity.

Maybe you’re using sustainable packaging to help the environment.

Maybe you just want to remind patrons that their business employs members of the local community.

Whatever you’re way of giving back is, let people know.

Promoting your philanthropy with a banner will communicate to your customers that you’re a business that cares about the community.

What Restaurant Banners Should You Use?

Should you use an A-Frame or a feather banner? What colors and fonts should you use? How can you make it stand out?

The world of restaurant banners is probably more extensive than you thought, but the experts are here to help.

Contact us to learn more and even get a free quote today!

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