Three reasons for company logo stickers for vehicles from a custom sticker printer in Tempe

3 Important Reasons to Print Company Logo Stickers for Vehicles

Americans have been using their cars as a canvas for advertisements for almost 100 years. And, our inherent fascination with decals and bumper stickers likely won’t be ending anytime soon.

There is no such thing as too much advertising. Stickers, especially car decals, offer a simple and fun way to spread your company’s name across the map.

And, they do this without forcing you to drop a small fortune on marketing.

Still not sure getting company logo stickers printed is the right move for your company?

Here are three reasons why getting company logo stickers printed for vehicles should be your business’s next big marketing move.

1. Cost Effective

Advertising can be incredibly expensive.

What’s worse is that despite the potentially exuberant costs, many consumers will still not trust you — no matter how fantastic your ad is.

The most effective form of advertising is through personal recommendation. And, as we said before, people have been sharing their brand preferences on their cars for almost a century.

You could wind up spending thousands of dollars on a commercial or online ad that will only run for a short amount of time. That’s assuming you don’t want to keep paying more for it every few weeks.

Or, for a few hundred dollars, you could have dozens of company logo stickers designed, printed, and stuck to vehicles. From there, your logo could potentially travel across the country for years to come.

2. Mobility

If you rent a billboard, you can be sure that more people will not see your ad than see it as only people who happen to drive past will notice it.

The same can go for commercials and even online ads. They can be limited to a specific area, which could cut down the size of your potential client base.

With car decals, your company’s logo can effectively and inexpensively travel the entire country. And possibly, even the world.

Anywhere you may have customers, clients, or employees you can advertise your business with company logo stickers.

3. Branding

Your logo is the face of your company.

It is an image that your current customers can immediately identify, and a way for potential clients to remember your company’s name.

Because of this, it is imperative that you spread your logo as far as you can and display it in places where your customers will be able to see it.

Something that is especially important if your business offers services that put your employees out in the field. Having your logo on their vehicles could help consumers associate your brand with a particular employee or a job well done.

Having a strong brand is very important, and logo stickers are a surefire way to strengthen and spread your brand.

Printing Company Logo Stickers

When you look at the history of automotive advertising the question shouldn’t be, “should my company print stickers?” but, rather, “when are we printing stickers?”

And, the answer to that last question should be, “right now.”

If you’re ready to print company logo stickers but aren’t sure where to start, let us help.

We offer custom, high-quality, car decals that are sure to help your business put its best foot forward, no matter how far they travel.

Contact us today for an estimate or to get started.


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