Custom Vinyl Stickers for Cars

3 Marketing Secrets of Custom Vinyl Stickers for Cars in AZ

Car decals have quickly risen in popularity for use in marketing over the past few decades. After all, traffic can be pretty boring, so seeing a car rumble by that looks like a giant slice of pepperoni pizza can certainly liven up your day in a memorable fashion.

This effect is why custom vinyl stickers for cars can be such a powerful marketing tool. People spend hours of their time on the road every week, so interrupting their routine with colorful or even whimsical graphics can really help capture attention for your brand.

Not everyone gets car advertisements right, though. Any business that wants to make the maximum impact while still making their brand look respectable can follow these industry insider tips to improve their vinyl car stickers.

Keep Your Design Simple

A car may seem like it has ample space up close, but at a distance everything naturally shrinks. Even just a few car lengths away can make a cozy scene look like a jumbled mess.

For this reason, vehicles should keep their design simple and “pure.” Too many ideas crammed into one wrap or decal scheme can make everything look busy, meaning the intended message will not be understood.

On the other hand, a simple, bold and focused design will read well at nearly any distance, even up close. So when designing custom vinyl car stickers, try to focus on one or two areas with bold, clean lettering and minimal design features in between. Remember that you are dressing the entire car to look a certain way, not just filling in space with as much things as you can cram in.

Use Vibrant Colors to Make Your Design Pop

Dayglo colors, vibrant colors and bold primaries absolutely pop, especially in the midst of traffic or in urban areas. People can see your vehicle coming from a mile away, maximizing the exposure time of your graphics.

Even U-Haul, with their distinctive muted orange color scheme can stand out in a sea of beige and maroon cars. Plus, their newer vehicles have interesting facts on the side in extremely bright colors that beg for a look. Although, one thing we bet you didn’t notice was the little U-Haul man hidden in every design.

Take Visibility into Account

We see this issue time and time again, and we cannot stress it enough: consider the 360° viewability of your graphics. Not everyone will see or approach your vehicle from the same angle. Some people may even be higher or lower, such as when they drive on an overpass.

This issue means that you will have to come up with a concept for multiple angles on the car, ensuring that they all complement each other while providing ample visibility. The need to transmit marketing messages from every angle also shows why you don’t want your design to be too crowded: you don’t want to repeat a complicated design for every possible angle.

Use These Tips to Make Amazing Custom Vinyl Decals for Your Car

Like all artistic rules, these above tips may be broken when the need to express yourself creatively trumps worrying about constraints. But for others not sure where to start when coming up with a first or second draft of their idea, these pointers will help.

If you need assistance designing an amazing-looking decal scheme for your vehicle, you can entrust the most customer-friendly custom vinyl stickers for cars printers in Phoenix. We can improve upon your design or modify it to suit your marketing needs. We also print high-quality car decals fast and ship them anywhere in the U.S., so contact us now to get your project started today!


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