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Window of Opportunity: 7 Glass Decal Applications That’ll Turn Heads

It’s time to cut through the static.

Sidewalks are full of people rushing to work or zoned out while listening to music.

With the hustle and bustle of life, it can be hard to grab someone’s attention. It seems to be even harder to get someone’s attention if you’re a business they happen to be passing.

You’ve created flyers and played catchy music. You even had someone hold a sign for a couple of days right outside the door.

After plenty of trial and error, you’re wanting to find a window decal printer to help you turn even more heads…

Below are 7 types of glass decal applications that are sure to grab your next customer’s attention. Make sure to keep reading!

1. Opaque Decals

One of the best ways to use up negative space on your front windows is by purchasing opaque decals.

Because they aren’t see-through, they’re bold from even down the block.

2. Clear Decals

Are you looking for a way to advertise without disrupting the occasional window shoppers? A clear decal is your best choice of a window decal.

Even though the decal will be placed on to your window as a large sheet, only the lettering and logos will be opaque. Everything else will give a clear view of your shop! Expect some peeking eyes.

3. Perforated Decals

While an opaque decal may keep your shop a little too dimly lit, try using a perforated window decal.

The small holes in the decal will allow light to stream in from the outside, but the decal will appear to be opaque at further distances. It’s the perfect illusion for your storefront.

4. Static Cling Stickers

While static cling stickers aren’t exactly the same thing as decals, customers won’t be able to tell the difference.

Decals are applied using adhesive on the back, but static cling stickers don’t use any adhesive.

These kinds of stickers are great for small advertisements and can be used by businesses that experience a lot of change.

While they look permanent, they’re easy to remove. You can even use them as advertisements for cars.

5. Die-Cut Decals

It’s crucial to have the best outdoor signage on the block. Achieve this by using die-cut decals.

They’re best for businesses with intricate logos because these types of decals display graphics with laser precision.

They avoid using excess vinyl while still maintaining every angle and curve.

6. Frosted Decals

If you want to try an aesthetically pleasing, modern option, try a frosted decal.

These decals feature a logo or lettering printed onto frosted vinyl.

Imagine the look of a snowy day permanently on your window. It’s easy on the eyes but keeps people looking.

7. Vinyl Letters

Want to keep your advertisement simple yet effective? Try out vinyl lettering.

This kind of decal is best for shop names or displaying business days.

Get the Attention You Deserve With These Glass Decal Applications

It can be difficult to attract the attention you deserve but heighten your shop’s visibility with these glass decal applications. There are a handful of options to choose.

Go for a clear decal if you want to encourage window shopping, but opt for an opaque decal if you want to go big and bold. Keep it simple with someone like a cling sticker or vinyl lettering.

You’re probably convinced you need your own window decal so check out the rest of our site. Get a quote today.


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