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5 Reasons Yard Signs are Perfect for Local Advertising

From TV ads to social media campaigns, and everything in between, your business’ marketing options are endless.

But not all tactics are created equal. Some carry big price tags without netting big results. Others will help you reach your target audience, but will also force you to waste time and money targeting a high percentage of people who are unlikely to ever become customers.

Luckily, there’s a simple, tried-and-true solution. Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why yard signs are the perfect advertising strategy for your small business.

1. They Target Your Actual Audience

You could invest money in costly internet ads or social media campaigns. But even the best thought-out web marketing plan will end up targeting a high percentage of people who are unlikely to ever become customers.

For small businesses, this means targeting customers who aren’t located in your area. Unless you offer a product or service that’s entirely unique, customers are unlikely to travel long distance for something that they could find in their own town.

That’s where a yard sign comes in. They only target people who are already close enough to visit your business, so you won’t have to worry about wasted ad money.

2. They’re Low Cost

Many types of local advertising come with huge price tags. From billboards to TV or radio commercials, to PPC social media ads, your small business marketing budget can disappear and provide only a limited source of advertising.

Yard signs are relatively low cost but can help you reach a large, targeted audience.

In addition to having high upfront costs, many forms of local advertising require repeated investments to remain effective.

TV or radio ads require both production costs and paid time slots. Online advertising requires monthly, weekly, or even daily costs. Even print ads must be produced and then mailed.

3. They Spread Brand Awareness

If your business has only a single location, the only brand awareness that you’re spreading in your area is word-of-mouth and awareness to those who drive by your business.

Spreading yard signs throughout your area of business is a great way to spread awareness of your business name, logo, and services that you offer.

4. They Suggest Customer Satisfaction

Many businesses utilize a yard sign as a way to target older customers who may not search online for local businesses. But they may also be great for targeting the way that many young people shop for businesses as well.

Statistics show that millennials rank word-of-mouth as the number one influencer in purchasing decisions. Signs in the yards of neighbors or simply an abundance of signs in an area they frequent can be as convincing as actual, spoken recommendations.

5. They Aid in the Infamous ‘Rule of Seven’ Advertising Principle

Studies have long suggested that consumers need to be exposed to a product or service at least seven times before they’ll decide to buy.

While this number has been debated, there’s no question that increased exposure leads to increased sales. Stationary signs can lead to far more than seven exposures.

Yard Signs are Perfect for Local Advertising

If you want a low-cost way to target your ideal audience, spread brand awareness, and more, yard signs may be the answer.

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