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4 Amazing Benefits of Sandwich Signs You Don’t Know

Despite the fact that 70% of businesses plan to increase their digital marketing strategy within the next year, physical advertising is far from over.

In fact, most would say it’s experiencing a kind of resurgence, especially when it comes to more creative materials like banners, stickers, and yes, sandwich signs.

In this post, you’ll learn about just four of the many incredible benefits of sandwich signs. If your marketing strategy seems to have hit a lull, this could be the new tactic you need to get out of your slump.  

1. You Can Take Them Anywhere

Good marketing is all about seizing every available opportunity to promote your brand.

While you can’t exactly bring your website to a trade show or play your commercial on a loop outside a local sports game, you can take your sandwich sign with you wherever you go.

This means you can quickly set up a branded space to promote your business, with the sign providing the most important details about your business to passersby.

This is especially valuable for local businesses, who may want to set up booths at street fairs or in neighborhood parks.

2. They’re Affordable

Even if you’ve had a good quarter, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs.

The reality is that hiring a digital marketing team to constantly monitor your website, or working with an ad agency to cut a commercial, isn’t always the best use of your budget.

A sandwich sign is a much more affordable option, and is a great investment in your business.

3. They Can Help Promote a Special Event

Have you recently rebranded? Are you hosting an in-store event? Gearing up for a blowout sale?

A sandwich sign can help to ensure that a wider market knows about it.

While advertising these events on social media is important, you’ll most likely only reach the people that already follow you and were likely to stop in anyway.

A physical sign helps you to market to more people — and gain new customers in the process.

4. They’re Durable

One of the most irritating things a business has to deal with in the advertising process is continually paying for new materials.

Those costs can add up — fast.

Luckily, sandwich boards can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions, and many companies offer a variety of materials designed to suit your climate.

Additionally, the boards are constructed to remain upright even on uneven ground or in winds. Plus, unlike more permanent signage, if the weather gets too intense, you can always bring your sign indoors!

Where Can You Get Quality Sandwich Signs?

Now that you know about some of the most popular reasons why sandwich signs are an incredibly effective marketing tool, you probably have one last question:

“Where can I get some made for my business?”

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been in the sign-making business for over 10 years, and we pride ourselves on combining the resources of a larger company with the personalized attention that only a local business can provide.

But don’t just stop at sandwich signs! We can also help you create trade show bannerscar magnets, and other marketing tools that turn potential customers into long-term clients.

Click here to request a quote and start the process today.


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