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5 Business Signage Ideas to Create Marketing Buzz

While digital marketing for businesses steals the spotlight in this day and age, many business owners forget how tried-and-true methods like eye-catching signage can still produce amazing results. In fact, when you have a great sign, people tend to snap a picture and share it with all their social media followers, letting them do the digital marketing for you!

So never rule out the power of a good sign, and make sure to take advantage of these business signage ideas to make your brand or location really stand out:

Use Compelling Color Schemes

When it comes to designing signs for businesses, remember that the palette of colors you choose has more of an effect on how we perceive the image than any given color. If you want a single color to stand out, then you isolate it from the rest of the palette.

Color therefore, has less to do with single hues you pick and is more of a sum-total effect. All of the most memorable movies use carefully selected palettes to control the emotional effect they have on the viewer, for instance.

So try lots of color schemes, and be very deliberate about what colors you do or do not include as well as how each one plays off the other.

Large and Unique Sign Shapes

Using just rectangular signs is thinking inside the box. Instead, you can break out of these right angles and create a unique sign shape that truly stands out. These signs work best when the shape seems to flow around the content or provide a compelling backdrop for it.

Consider this endearing sign from Trader Joe’s. Not only is the main sign a cutout shape, but the grill and the shish kebab signs that flank it emphasize familiar elements in cute, colorful ways. It grabs attention and demands repeat looks.

You can make your own specially shaped signs when you work with a custom sign print house in Phoenix.

Text Contrast

Just like color schemes, the fonts and typefaces you use should play off one another in complementary or deliberately contrasting ways. Mix a script font with a serif font, for instance, or use a modern sans-serif font next to an old west style font to add a sense of dynamic change to your sign.

Use Funny Puns or Current Events to Make Your Sign Relevant

Puns and topical references always draw people in. They make for effective business marketing tactics even though they can be quite easy to write since people tend to readily share them online. Looking once more to Trader Joe’s, consider this charming Mr. T pun, which also provides a decent example of controlled palette use.

Brainstorm puns and references with your entire team, but do a little testing research to see if your jab could be offensive before you release it to the wild.

Use Interactive Signage

Interactive signs make people come in for a closer look. They can be something as simple as an Instagram-worthy face cutout standup display for fun, silly pictures. They can also be a bit more involved, similar to the interactive displays seen at educational places like zoos and science museums.

Get creative, and you will inspire more interest in your business as a result of your effort. Also make sure to only entrust high-quality custom retail business sign printing in Phoenix to see that that your signs can do justice to your creative ideas.


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