Coming Soon Real Estate Signs

3 Ways Coming Soon Real Estate Signs Help Sell Homes

“Coming Soon” sign riders have been used increasingly for homes that will be for sale soon but have not yet hit the MLS. These coming soon real estate signs allow sellers to build hype and possibly lend an element of exclusivity to their listing. If all goes according to plan, they may even sell their home as a “pocket listing” before the full details are disclosed to the public on MLS. No strangers come knocking or calling but the home gets sold fast, a win-win for sellers.

To emphasize the plentiful benefits that custom real estate signs like “Coming Soon” riders have, here are three of their most important advantages:

Builds Anticipation

Sometimes, getting a home ready to hit the market takes a lot more work than expected. Renovations like painting, new carpeting or repairs need to be done. This problem is especially true of new homes for sale since they are usually shown before fully built.

With a “Coming Soon” sign, home sellers can get early exposure through word-of-mouth to home buyers who may be highly interested in the area. By the time the listing makes it to the MLS, several buyers may be clamoring to get a look. Their anticipation will also likely be far greater than if they had merely seen a few photos on an online listing. This effect is so powerful that even Zillow is getting in on the trend.

Gets the Neighbors Talking

Selling a home quick often has more to do with person-to-person networking than marketing on services like listing pamphlets or Trulia. One community even thrives on the practice, no realtor needed!

In tougher markets, a seller’s agent’s services are indispensable, but the power of word-of-mouth referrals from friends and neighbors typically brings in solid leads. A homeowner can naturally get the word out on their own, but having a “Coming Soon” sign out front does all of this work for them in a no-pressure way. It also ensures that no one will forget when they pass by the sign every day.

Catches the Eye of Realtors Selling Homes in the Area

Local realtors working as buyer’s agents like to promise their clients that they can find properties that no one else can, especially as-yet unlisted ones. A “coming soon” sign is the perfect signal for them to take notice and nudge their clients that they have near-exclusive access to a home that has not yet officially hit the market.

Drumming up early viewings and talks of offers can greatly benefit the seller, even if the deal does not come through. They already have a “test market” to learn what to expect, and they have broadcast the word to several realtors in the area. Best of all, they have done so while maintaining their privacy and avoiding disclosing a listing price, allowing them to get offers based merely on how people perceive the home value.

So, whether you are a realtor or F.S.B.O., custom printed coming soon real estate signs are a great way to go to achieve your home selling goals!


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