Cheap Bandit Signs in Phoenix

Advertising with Cheap Bandit Signs in Phoenix [3 Hot Tips]

Bandit signs are a real estate industry term referring to corrugated plastic yard-sign-style ad displays that can be staked in the ground literally anywhere. Now, you may not be allowed to put these signs wherever you want — so check your local Phoenix sign ordinances to be sure before you stake — but nevertheless, cheap bandit signs in Phoenix provide an incredibly versatile and cost-effective way to spread the word about your business.

To help your signs get the maximum effect and draw in as many leads as possible, you can use the following Phoenix bandit signs tips:

Placement is Key

The best bandit sign strategies work by exposing your services to as many people as possible. You will therefore want to take great care when placing bandit signs. Look for high-traffic areas, and make sure that they can be visible based on how that traffic passes.

For instance, stop signs and intersections can be a great place to stick bandit signs, but so can roadsides as long as the signs are legible by people driving at the speed limit. You can also locate popular parking areas and walking paths to get exposure from foot traffic and not just cars.

Make Your Bandit Signs Easy to Read

Bandit signs work because they are a low-effort way to expose people to your business and its web address or phone number. These benefits cannot be earned if no one can read your sign!

Pay particular attention when putting signs up along roads where the speed limit is above 35. Signs in these areas should have minimal text and a large, legible font.

Even in slow-pass areas, ensure that your real estate bandit sign has a bold contrast to allow it to stand out while making it easy to process. According to real estate expert John Cochran, blue and white real estate bandit signs as well as yellow and black ones work well, but experiment with your own colors for best results.

Another key tip: register for an email address or phone number that is ridiculously easy to remember. Otherwise, people who are interested in your services won’t have the mental retention to actually get in touch with you.

Test, Test, and Test Some More

Our advice for placement, text, color and more work well in general, but that does not necessarily mean it will be perfect for your brand or your campaign. To truly maximize your bandit signs’ effectiveness, take advantage of their cheap cost by trying out different strategies.

Use different placement styles or designs and see which ones get the most calls. You can always ask customers which sign they saw, but having a dedicated phone number or email for each sign group can make tracking results even easier.

As a pro tip: you can add “+sometext” to a gmail address and have it go to the same inbox, so “” and “” work the same but let you know who saw what!

Printing Bandit Signs in Phoenix

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