How to Find the Best Custom Sticker Printing Companies

What’s your marketing strategy like? Many businesses – around 76% – choose to have a mix of both print and digital options.

As far as print marketing goes, you’ve probably considered things like ads in circulars or billboards. Those things can get expensive quickly.

Have you considered marketing with stickers? They’re low cost, fun to give out, and can go almost anywhere.

To get the most out of custom stickers, you need to find the right sticker printing for your needs. Here’s what to look for on your search.

Quality of Their Products

Let’s get the most major one out of the way – quality. You don’t want your branding to be printed poorly or a car decal that comes right off the company vehicle.

Check out some samples from the company to see what their products are like. Better yet, if you see a sticker while you’re out and you like it, ask where it was made.

Ability To Scale Up

Right after quality comes quantity.

What if you need a big order for an important event? What’s their turnaround time? How large an order can they handle?

Your business will be growing if you market yourself right. Can your sticker printing company keep up?

Costs for Services

Of course, you don’t want to go too cheap — but you also don’t want to get fleeced.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a good product. Plus, there are things that money can’t buy (we’ll get to those next).

When asking questions about pricing, make sure you get quotes for shipping and delivery. These are often hidden fees when it comes to making custom labels for your business.

Customer Service Experience

You can go to a fancy restaurant and get terrible service and then go to a down-home diner and be treated like royalty. Customer service has no price – but it’s very important!

Check out the printer’s social media channels when you consider doing business with them. What kind of reviews do they get?

Talk to others in the business about the company you’re looking into. Are they highly recommended? Customer service is key to getting what you want out of custom stickers for your company.

About The Company

Along with customer service, research the company’s past.

Are they cheap because they’re new on the market? You might be able to get in on the ground floor with a great new sticker supplier.

Have they been around a while? There’s probably a good reason for that.

Their “about us” page online should offer some insight. Check it out when looking at the company.

Find The Right Sticker Printing Company

With 90% of effective word-of-mouth advertising taking place offline, harness that statistic with stickers. They’re affordable, fun, and can make your brand visible in a lot of creative places.

As you can see, you’ll need to do a little research to find the right sticker printing company, but it’s worth it.

Check out all of the custom stickers and decals we’ve got to offer. Reach out to us at any time and we’ll set you up for sticker success!


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