Workplace Safety Signs
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Custom Workplace Safety Signs That All Business Owners Need

Statistics show that every 7 seconds, someone gets injured while on the job.

Approximately 25% of these injuries result from a slip, trip, or fall, and more than 33% of them are from overexertion.

The vast majority of these injuries could have been prevented.

In some cases, having workplace safety signs could have reduced the number of injuries that occurred.

Workplace signs are put in place to warn people of potential dangers and to remind them that they need to be safe.

Read on for information on which signs you should consider adding to your business.

What Workplace Safety Signs Does Your Business Need?

Specific rules and regulations dictate which signs your business needs to reduce injuries in the workplace.

Typically, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) mandates which signs you need, and they generally fall into three different categories.

The OSHA signs that you need include:

  • Warning signs – These signs usually describe a potential hazard. They can also remind people that engaging in unsafe practices could result in an injury.
  • Caution signs – These are often used in situations where a person might get injured if they ignore certain precautions. The most common caution signs are those that warn people about slippery floors, to watch their step, or to slow down.
  • Danger signs – These are in place to let people know about special precautions and how to follow them. In general, these signs let people know about the most dangerous hazards. These might warn people of exposed electrical equipment, near chemical storage, or by high-pressure piping.

Common Signs Found in Many Business

The type of work signage that you need in your business will depend on what type of industry you are in.

However, there are some safety signs that almost every company needs. These including the following:

Exit Signs

In the event of an emergency, people need to know how to get out of your building as quickly and safely as possible.

Thus, it’s required that you have exit signs posted at all the doors that let people out of the building.

First Aid Signs

Should an injury occur on your premises, it’s important that people know where to find the first aid station or kit.

Having signs that are easy to read and see allows people to quickly and easily find this item and take care of minor wounds.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazard Signs

Since slips, trips, and falls account for one-fourth of all injuries that happen in the workplace, reducing the chances of these occurring is in your best interest.

Thus, having safety signs in the workplace that caution people of the possibility that they could slip, trip, or fall is the best way to make them aware that a safety hazard exists.

This could lead to them being more cautious and focused, which is exactly what you need to keep people safe.

Custom Signs That You Might Consider for Your Business

In addition to the common signs that hang in many businesses, you might also consider getting some custom signs made.

These could be particular to your industry or to the rules and regulations you put in place at your company.

Some of these signs might include the following:

Notice Signs

When it comes to notice signs, these are work signage that displays important information that may not necessarily pertain to potential hazards are dangers.

Some of the most common notice signs are those that say smoking isn’t allowed on the property or only within designated areas.

They might also inform people that if they damage your property, they may incur a fine.

Or they could let them know that loitering or skateboarding isn’t allowed on the premises.

Reminder Signs

The current pandemic has changed how many businesses operate, and you might consider having custom reminder signs made to ensure that employees and customers are acting in a safe manner.

Some of the signs you might consider having made include reminding people to maintain the recommended distance between one another or that wearing a mask is in their best interest.

You might also create signs that direct people how to walk through your business to keep them safe and reduce close contact with employees or other customers.

You might also create signs that remind them of proper handwashing techniques.

Maybe your business is offering stations that people can use to sanitize and disinfect themselves or public equipment such as carts.

These stations might have wipes or hand sanitizers available.

You might want to create signs that let them know the exact location of these items and how to use them properly.

The Benefits of Workplace Signage

In many cases, OSHA requires you to have specific signage in your business.

However, going above and beyond hanging the required safety signs and creating your own custom signs comes with a lot of benefits.

These include the following:

You’ll Show Off Your Commitment to Safety

Having safety signs throughout your workplace lets employees and customers know that you care about their health and wellbeing.

They show your dedication to keeping them safe and informed about the dangers that might exist around them.

You’ll Be Giving People Pertinent Information

The vast majority of safety signs that you hang in your business are straightforward and easy to understand.

This means that people will be given pertinent information so that they can stay safe.

Whether they are avoiding hazards or being reminded to act in a certain way, the message will reach everyone and anyone who ventures into your workplace.

You Could Reduce Workplace Accidents

While it’s not possible to completely stop accidents from happening in the workplace, having signs could help reduce the number of accidents that do occur.

In addition, workplace signs could also reduce some of your responsibility when people get hurt.

You have no control over whether people follow your rules, but if you warned or cautioned them about the dangers and they chose to ignore it, that may be on them, not you.

Finding the Right Safety Signs and Supplies

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