Tips for Construction Banners and Signage
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7 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Construction Banners and Signage

The global outdoor advertising industry will grow by 8.26 billion between the years 2019-2023.

At a construction site, it’s important to have a fence as a barrier between the general public and the site.

To maximize the potential your fence has as advertising space, you can create effective branded construction banners and signs. They will serve as a direct network to your company and potential clients.

The banners should provide information about your building site and your company. These will enable you to meet your construction site signage while delivering great advertising impact.

Here are some tips for creating attractive construction banner designs.

1. Think of Size

Get the right dimensions and know where the banner ads should be placed. Place your banner and signs where they are visible from inside and around the site. Let your potential clients be engaged by the flow of communication about your company.

Also, use large banners that capture one’s attention. In case you get the dimensions of the banners wrong this will downplay the recognition it deserves and may look unsystematic.

2. Know the Material

The mesh banners are a really strong product for construction site advertising. This is used when you have very specific sales messages and pictures about the construction site and end value. It has a tough edging and strategic air holes that that ensures it stays put, even in very windy areas.

You can also opt for the shade cloth fence or the vinyl materials that are equally strong and great for outdoor advertising.

3. Well-Constructed

They should be designed for windy and extreme weather patterns. They should be easy to install and still be effective for your marketing plans.

4. Print Reproduction

You can capture all the details, large amounts of information, and pictures about your site. When using vinyl martial, ensure it’s insulated properly and the lamination is right.

Apply anti-graffiti to increase the banner’s life expectancy and your signage looking professional.

5. Partner Promotion

There are many parties involved in the construction process, you can use the banners to thank the people who have contributed to the actualization of the project.

In case it’s a commercial construction site, you can advertise all the commercial tenants coming to run their business in the site once complete. And so much more; the sky is the limit!

6. Call to Action with Construction Banners

Let people know the purpose of the ad. It could be a ‘to let sign’ or ‘buy your space now’ option. Let it be direct and well aligned with the call to action on your site.

7. Use the Right Font

The font you use will affect the readability of the banner. To capture your audience’s attention, use a neutral font that will also help in pushing your message across. It should be bold enough and easy to read.

Brand Your Self

When you think of marketing and company branding, use of construction banners would be ideal. This will invite potential clients by introducing yourself to the market even before you commence your business.

Ensure you give as much information about your company such as logos, slogans, and mission. Keep it simple.

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