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The Best Print Marketing Materials to Boost Sales

Are you looking to give your sales a boost? In this current digital age, it may surprise you that print marketing materials are making a big impact on getting customers attention.

In 2016, businesses noticed a 43% increase of customers who responded to mail sent directly to them.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out this helpful guide on the best print marketing materials that will help increase your sales.

Put Your Business in Their Hands

One of the biggest differences between digital marketing and print marketing is that print puts a physical object in the consumers’ hands. This physical product is more likely to leave a lasting impression, unlike its temporary digital counterpart.

Business Cards

Business cards are a small, but powerful promotional material to have on hand. When talking to a customer about your product, giving them a business card leaves them with a good impression of your preparedness and a reference to find your information with.

Handing out business cards with a creative design or logo is a sure fire way to create brand awareness and gives the customer an idea of what your company is about.


Postcards are a tangible print marketing product that gets mailed directly to a potential customer and places your business logo and information in their hands.

Leaflets and flyers have a tendency to be instantly marked by the consumer as junk mail and gets tossed in the trash quickly. A well-designed postcard will catch their eye and has a better chance at being looked at and held on to by the receiver.

Print Marketing Materials That Get Their Attention

One of the best marketing materials to get a person’s attention is a banner or sign.

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs can be used for just about anything from promoting a sale or a creating brand awareness at a trade show, they can range from large to extra large, and can go inside or outside. Their versatility can help target just about any crowd ranging from school events to concerts.

Add a creative design to it and it can really stand out from its surroundings.

Another great thing about banners as promotional materials is they are cost efficient. A custom banner can reach more target customers for the price of printing one item vs. having to bulk print out flyers and passing them out.

Using Banners and Signs to Boost Sales

Print marketing materials can come in all different kinds of types of banners and signs.

For instance, decals on vehicles are a great way to grab peoples attention while on the go, reaching a greater amount of potential customers while simply driving from place to place.

Canopy pop up tents with the business logo and information on it is a functional way to protect a sales booth from the sun while also standing out from the crowd.

A brightly colored feather banner catching the breeze is guaranteed to draw the eye.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all these different types of custom made banners, and start boosting your sales with just a few small changes!


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