Understanding the importance of custom construction signs for a safe job site
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Safety First: Understanding the Importance of Construction Site Signs

Signs point us toward the restroom. They tell us where to order and pick-up our orders. They indicate an exit.

They also warn us of dangers. Signs keep us safe.

There is arguably no place where this is more important than a job site. Construction site signs play a large role in workplace health and safety.

Keep reading to see just a couple of the many ways that construction site signs keep us safe:

1. They Warn of Invisible Dangers

High voltage is not something you can see. Unless there is a sign indicating the danger, you could easily make an incorrect assumption about how dangerous an area is.

Wet floors, uneven floors, and low overhead clearance are sometimes hard to see at first glance. Construction site signs that point out these dangers allow you to better assess your surroundings and take appropriate actions.

2. They Keep a Job Site in Compliance

In most industries, construction site signs are required legally. You need to post signage around a perimeter, for instance, that warns away trespassers, lists potential hazards, and determines the level of personal protection equipment that is required when you’re inside the perimeter.

Staying compliant with OSHA regulations keeps your site safe and you covered.

3. They Reduce Accidents

Construction site signs are a good reminder to your crew, every single day, that the job they are doing has dangerous aspects.

When long hours, short deadlines and backbreaking work temps the crew to cut corners, the signs are a reminder that they need to work safely in order to get the job done correctly.

Signs increase safety awareness.

4. They Keep the Public Safe

Your workers may be familiar with the hazards they face at a construction site, but that doesn’t mean it’s true for every person that may come to the site.

Trespassers and visitors likely have no idea what you are doing at your job site. They don’t know if there’s an open hole in the ground. They don’t know if there are overhead hazards.

Posting perimeter signs and other types of signs that warn the public away from dangerous areas keeps the community safe.

5. They Overcome Barriers to Information

Signs typically follow a commonly excepted color scheme – yellow for caution, red for immediate danger. Your job site may have special color codes such as blue for water hazards.

Even if someone was unable to read the warning, the colored signs or pictures would indicate the need for caution. For example, it’s commonly accepted practice to use a large red and white cross to indicate the location of first-aid equipment.

Signs that are bilingual and adhere to accepted color schemes can easily indicate dangers to the public without a lot of effort.

Benefits of Job Site Signs

Construction site signs do more than point out the closest vending machine. They keep workers and visitors safe by displaying important health and safety information in a way that is accessible to everyone.

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