Tips for eye pleasing construction banner and sign printing
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5 Tips for Eye Pleasing Construction Banners and Signs

A banner is a great way to convey information, promote your business and catch people’s eyes.

A construction banner also serves another purpose. It’s a way to create a visual barrier between the construction site and the public.

Some construction companies simply put up solid color mesh material around their site. This is a huge waste of advertising space and can be almost as unsightly as the construction area itself.

Why not use construction banners to their fullest potential?

Let’s look at five tips for creating attractive and effective construction banners and signs.

1. Use the Best Material

If you’re adding graphics to your banner, don’t make the mistake of using the wrong material. This could cause the graphic to come out looking sub-par.

Instead, think about using mesh fence banners. These work great for construction sites because the wind can pass through them. They’re more durable, which means the graphics will remain high-quality.

If you use a different material, you run the risk of getting folds and tears, which will distort the graphics and even make the information on your banner hard to read.

2. High-Quality Imagery

You want to make sure your imagery is professional and high-quality. Consider hiring a graphic designer to make the initial designs.

Color plays a big part in catching people’s eye, so make sure your banner or sign pops. Then, work with a good banner and sign manufacturer who can produce a high-quality product.

The last thing you want is to create an amazing design and then have the end result look cheap.

3. Consider Size

If you’re planning on using a fence wrap, it’s crucial you consider size beforehand.

If your banner is too large, it will sag and people won’t be able to see the imagery. The best approach is to go with a banner that’s a little smaller than the actual fence.

However, if it’s too small it won’t block the construction site and people may not be able to read the print. Shoot for having about two inches of room between the top of the fence and your banner.

4. The Right Information

Make sure you confirm that all the information on your banner or sign is correct. Consider what information you want the public to see and what information is required.

If you’ve been contracted to do construction for a development, there may be information you absolutely must convey.

You should also promote your business well by adding your logo and contact information.

5. Properly Constructed

Make sure your banner and sign are strong enough to hold up in whatever conditions they’ll be in.

A worn out sign or banner will become hard to read and won’t stand out at all. In fact, they can send a message that you don’t care.

Create the Best Construction Banners and Signs

When new construction is happening, people in the community want to know what’s being built. Construction banners and signs are the best way to get this information across to passersby.

They’re also perfect advertising tools for your company. Make sure they make a good impression.

We make custom banners and signs to fit all your needs. Contact us to learn more.


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