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3 Design Tips That Speed Up Sign Printing

In the early stages of a project or organization, one of the most important pieces of success is your ability to create a high-quality sign design.

Common errors with these files can cause miscommunication and delay, leading to further setbacks for this powerful marketing tool.

However, there are several ways you can prevent these delays by getting it right from the get-go, and maximizing the amount of time this sign can be displayed.

Furthermore, it can ensure that you end up with a sign that meets your expectations for quality, without breaking the bank.

Read on to learn a few design tips for speedy sign printing, as well as how to find the best sign printer near you.

Top Three Design Tips for Speedy Sign Printing

Designing organization signage can be tough, from choosing the best coloring to the font and graphics.

Then, once you have an idea in mind, translating into print can be increasingly difficult.

After dedicated all that time and effort into it, be sure to follow the guidelines below to make sure it ends up as picture perfect as you imagined.

1. Format the Design Correctly

In placing an order for a banner, be sure you ask about the recommended dimensions for it. The last thing you want is to try to fit a square design into a rectangular banner.

Better yet, inquire about customizations available based on your design prior to your ultimate purchase, as this will establish whether they can accommodate you.

2. File Constraints

The best files formats to provide include PNG and EPS. Submitting the graphic as something else may cause additional delay or cost for conversion.

It is also best to submit a larger file to allow the sign printing company the ability to scale it down easily.

You should also make sure the resolution is of high quality to prevent grainy graphics down the road. Once the file is optimized you are ready to find a design printer near you.

3. Improve Design Quality

The quality of the design often is the biggest issue for printing designs, especially in terms of picture quality.

Generally speaking, files should be at least 150 DPI (Dots per Inch) for most products, though some companies offer printers that can correct for lower DPIs.

Again, this will make it easy to adjust the sizing of your graphic to fit the medium it’s on.

Additionally, try to avoid using a solid background in the image, as this will usually look boxy and unprofessional on a banner.

Find a Fast Sign Printer Near You

With a high-resolution design and properly formatted file, the next step is to find a sign printer near you

The best option tends to be a sign printer that will provide you with the customer service you need, alongside the convenience of fast shipping.

Picking up a banner in person can be a task of the past, as online shipping will ensure the final product arrives right to your doorstep in your time of need.

Ready to hit the ground running with your design? Check out our array of customizable banner options for almost any upcoming project you may have.


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