Tips for choosing storefront signs
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Storefront Signs: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One for Your Business

Over 68% of consumers believe a store’s signage is reflective of their products or services. Even more noteworthy, 76% of consumers enter a store based purely on its signage.

There’s no question: when you’re marketing your physical store, a sign speaks volumes about your business. You want to be sure a sign not only attracts customers but also quickly reveals what your business is all about.

Keep reading for 5 tips on choosing the perfect storefront signs.

Choosing the Perfect Storefront Sign

Whether you sell furniture or clam chowder, you want a sign that attracts customers to your products. Not all signs will fit your business, so here are 5 tips to help you find the perfect sign.

1. Know the Types of Signs

There are at least a dozen different types of storefront signs, and different styles work best for certain types of businesses. Below are a few different types of signs and where to use them

  • Fabric signs: versatile, for any business and are generally inexpensive
  • Plywood signs: best for old-fashioned businesses or businesses aiming for a vintage look
  • Painted glass signs: best for food establishments
  • Punched metal signs: For businesses aiming to have a modern look
  • Metal logo and lettering signs: versatile, but usually for upscale retailers and dining establishments
  • Banners: versatile, for temporary or informal establishments
  • Metal signboard: versatile, for any business and are generally more expensive
  • Awning signs: best for food establishments
  • Rock signs: for large, populated establishments such as hotels, golf courses, etc.
  • Glass tube light signs: typically used for bars, clubs, and motels
  • A-frame signs: for retailers or food establishments
  • Window signs: generally for retailers

2. Know the Costs

Signs, depending on their complexity and materials, can range anywhere from $3 a square foot for fabric signs to tens of thousands of dollars for rock and glass tube signs. And don’t forget installation fees!

Be sure to research which sign you like best, and prepare room in your budget for the perfect sign.

3. Choose the Perfect Design

For a great sign, you’ll want to keep it short and simple, use common words, and easy-to-read fonts.

Feel free to incorporate logos or pictures, as they quickly display what you’re business specializes in.

You can design a sign on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask for in-store or online professional help from graphic designers. A sign is a large investment, and it’s worth getting it right the first time around.

4. Know the Law

The location of your store may have certain legalities regarding sign installation and permitting. Be sure you check with local city planners and authorities before performing the installation.

5. Choose the Perfect Sign Shop

You can choose to buy your sign online or through a local sign business.

Regardless of which route you decide to take, be sure that the company is reputable and is willing to answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to be thorough!

Final Thoughts

The perfect storefront sign doesn’t have to be a dream. Use the 5 tips above to create and order a sign that attracts customers and grows your business.

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