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5 Tips for Creating Outdoor Banners for Car Dealerships

Have you ever noticed how car dealerships stand out when you’re driving down a busy street? It’s because they have tons of printed marketing material to help them catch the eyes of passersby.

Car dealerships tend to have bright, eye-catching colors to work with as well the opportunity to advertise sales, promotions and other good deals.

Banners play an important role in a car dealership’s decor and marketing. Check out these tips for creating effective outdoor banners for the auto industry.

What Type of Outdoor Banners Should You Use?

There are so many varieties of outdoor banners it can be intimidating when you start to shop around. Car dealerships will run great promotions throughout the year. There will be general promotions, as well as special holiday promotions around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and others.

This means that a car dealership needs to find cost-effective and versatile options for regular updating and replacing.

Most banners will work for a car dealership but we believe these are the best ones, with a description of why.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Outdoor vinyl banners for car dealerships are great for promotional advertising, they’re a large format print that is high quality and durable, printed using eco-solvent UV inks. There are many different ways to put this banner up, leaving you with great choices as to where to display. They provide loads of space so you can really sell your promotion or discount.

Feather Banners

Feather banners are also known as teardrop banners, generally, they’re a free-standing type banner that is great for visual appeal.  However, there are in-ground mounting options for a more permanent feel. With feather banners, you can spread your promotional campaign across a series of banners to truly maximize the potential as well as easily replace the printed section. This will keep costs down when you need to replace the promotion’s details.

A-Frame Signs

Although these are not ‘classified’ as banners, they’re just as cost effective and a great option for car dealerships. They’re a versatile option for advertising your promotion, not only that, but they are great for attracting people walking by because they’re on the right level to be seen. So if you’re on a busy pedestrian street, A-Frame signs are always a good idea.

Some Other Useful Outdoor Banner Advice

The most effective use of using outdoor banners is to attempt to increase brand awareness. If your outdoor banners are designed correctly and printed in high-quality, you’ll be grabbing a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Car dealerships need to be very aware of their marketing, decor, and branding in order to create a consistent atmosphere for their clients.

What Your Outdoor Banners Say

Another important point to remember is to keep your message as simple as possible. Your message should be nothing more than a few words. You don’t have much time to get the attention of a potential customer with outdoor banners, so keep your message short and to the point.

Prioritize your font being large and readable from a fair distance away, and make sure it contrasts in the right way to the banner’s background.

Know the Purpose

You’ll be adding outdoor banners to your marketing repertoire with a certain accomplishment in mind. You need to know what the purpose is. Are you simply reinforcing company branding, or advertising a promotion?

Location, Location, Location

You might think that you can figure out where to place your banners after you’ve decided on the design and marketing message. But location can make or break your outdoor banners’ success.

Have a think about where your banners will be placed this will also determine which type of banner you purchase for reaching maximum viewing potential.

Car Dealerships and Their Outdoor Advertising Success

The thing about car dealerships is that people believe that high expense purchases are never made by traditional advertising methods. This is not true.

Yes, the decision to purchase a new car or trade in your current vehicle isn’t made overnight but if your outdoor banners are creating enough attention, then your car dealership will be front of mind when the consumer makes the final decision.

Have a look at some of our other printing solutions to take your car dealership branding to the next level.


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