Outdoor Church Banners

How to Grow Your Congregation With Outdoor Church Banners

Churches have stiff competition. If you drive through some areas of your city you may see a church on every other street corner. This means churches have more competition than the average small business.

Marketing is an essential aspect of every business. So how do they market their services and ministries to get people through their doors? One way is outdoor church banners.

These inexpensive advertising tools are affordable and capture the attention of those passing by. It is also a reminder to parishioners of upcoming events.

Keep reading to see how you can grow your congregation with large church banners.

Easily Customize Your Banners

Popular church banner design ideas include portable feather banners. These banners can be customized to deliver any message. They are useful when messages are delivered in a series of banners.

Simply place one or two words on each banner to spell out a complete message. They are engaging and people will slow down to see what you have to say.

Use Outdoor Church Banners to Advertise Upcoming Events

Does your church have an upcoming event like Vacation Bible School or a spring revival? Let the community know with large church banners. People are visual and these colorful displays will get their attention.

It is proven that people need to see an advertisement numerous times before making a decision. If someone passes your church on a regular basis there is an increased likelihood they will remember your church when looking for a church.

Better yet, if someone asks for a recommendation they will remember the place with the cool banner.

They are a Great Way to Welcome Guests

Making visitors feel welcomed and appreciated are the first steps to converting them into church members. What better way than making church banners with a welcome message.

Not only will they feel welcomed but the banners can also be used to direct them to visitor’s parking, worship center, children’s area, or reception kiosk. This tactic coupled with warm friendly faces in the parking lot and at each entryway is sure to leave visitors with a favorable impression.

People Will See Them Before They See Your Marquee Sign

Outside of most churches is a marquee sign. Most require an individual who has to go out and manually change the message each week, month, or whenever there is a new message to get out. With this method, there is a risk of misspellings or not enough letters.

Larger churches can invest in digital marquee signs and control the message from inside using a computer program.

Both of these options work, but they cannot mirror the graphics and images used in print materials. Church banner design ideas give you the flexibility to expand the themes in your marketing campaigns.

Try an Outdoor Banner Today

Outdoor Church Banners are trendy and will bring attention to your church. Because they are easy to install you have more placement flexibility.

Get the message out about what’s going on inside your church. Reach out to us and get a quote today.


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