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5 Big Benefits of Using Custom Pop-up Tents for All Kinds of Events

From trade shows to local festivals, there’s always another event just around the corner that offers you a chance to market yourself.

Custom pop-up tents could be your secret weapon to standing out in the crowd of vendors. Inexpensive and easy to use, custom tents offer a versatile and functional addition to your booth at any upcoming event.

Consider these benefits of custom pop-up tents for your business.

1. Company Branding

When you customize a pop-up tent, you feature your company’s logo prominently. It’s easy to see from a distance, and it helps distinguish who you are.

Customizing the colors, font, and graphics on the tent makes it reflect your company’s branding. Color is an important factor in branding, increasing a company’s brand recognition by 80%. Custom designs let you use your prominent colors, patterns, and designs to help strengthen that recognition.

For customers who already know your company, the branded tent serves as a beacon to get them to visit you. For new customers, the tent may help pique interest in your business if it’s well-designed.

2. Protection from Sun and Weather

Custom pop up tents offer a functional purpose for outdoor events. They block the sunlight to protect your products or other items displayed inside. That sun protection also gives you and anyone who stops by your exhibit a break from the heat.

If it’s raining or windy, the tent can provide some shelter from the elements. Again, that protects your goods and helps keep you more comfortable.

3. Easy Installation

Lightweight custom tents are easy to carry with you to any event. They fold up easily for quick transport. Our custom tents include a carrying case so you can keep everything together and protected.

When you get to your location, the tent pops up quickly. The sturdy framework unfolds and extends to support the tent, and telescoping legs let you adjust the height. You don’t need any special tools, and you don’t have to wrestle with an awkward or difficult setup.

The tent also comes down easily. That means you can clean up quickly at the end of the event without pulling out a bunch of tools.

4. Versatile Uses

Custom tents aren’t just a one-time thing for a special event. You can use custom tents¬†for nearly any occasion, whether you’re hosting an open house at your business or going out into the community.

Pop-up tents work indoors and outdoors. Use them when you sponsor a 5k, or set them up inside an exhibit hall when you have a booth at a trade show.

5. Professional Look

Anyone can set up a generic tent, but a customized canopy gives your business a professional touch. It shows that you’ve invested in your company.

Branded elements in your setup can also give your company credibility. When you present your company in a professional way, customers feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Start Using Pop-Up Tents

Setting up custom pop-up tents helps set you apart from the competition. The tent helps with branding and draws attention from curious crowds.

Explore our custom pop-up tent options to get started on your customized design.


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