custom pop up tents from a custom shade tent printing company have many uses
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10 Most Popular Uses for Custom Pop-Up Tents

The sheer volume of messages consumers get today is staggering. A person can expect bombardment by 4,000-10,000 advertising messages daily.

Cutting through that clutter requires a genuine connection with people. To capture eyeballs and attention, you need to connect with hearts and engage minds. That means being part of people’s lives and supporting their causes. Outdoor events are a growing part of community engagement for many organizations.

Custom pop-up tents provide shelter from rain and harsh sun as well as a large space for your brand message. Whether you are showing off your latest products at a outdoor farmers market, sponsoring the Scout First Aid tent, or offering a curbside pick up service, you can place your brand where your customers are!

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Custom Pop-up Tents for Customer Engagement

People do their best to resist marketing efforts. People skip commercials, block ads, and trash flyers. Resistance to marketing is often said to be a problem of trust. Getting out and honestly connecting with your potential customers is the answer!

Here are 10 opportunities to move your brand into hearts and lives.

1. Services People Need

Your pop-up tents have room for important and eye-catching messages. Make sure people can find what they need in a sea of identical generic tents. A bold “first aid” or “water” tent may be just the thing!

2. Community Event Space

Use your tent canopy for a shady spot for people to gather and meet. Community events can be crowded. Don’t miss a chance to meet new potential clients!

3. Sidewalk Sale

A sturdy and practical pop-up tent shelters your merchandise and calls attention to your goods at the same time. A twofer!

4. Tailgate Parties

If you are lucky enough to live where sports viewing is a way of life, you know about the pre-and post-game ritual fellowship that comes with tailgating. Tie your brand in with the fun!

5. Festivals and Fun Runs

Anywhere there is a crowd, your pop-up canopy offers a chance to attract people. Use the top, sides, inside and outer surfaces to get your message delivered.

6. Trade Shows

Use your pop-up tent and side rails to demarcate your space. A custom pop-up tent allows you to showcase your brand without wasting an inch of space.

7. Sponsored Events

Showcase your brand connection by loaning your tent to causes that connect with your customers. For example, use your pop-up canopy at a local pet adoption fair or school carnival.

8. Sports Events

Be right in the heart of the action with your brand. Don’t forget small events, too!

9. School Events

Let your brand show up at school for some fast connections.

10. In-store Events

Use your custom pop-up tents to define sales spaces, call attention to your products and more.

Showcase Your Brand

Custom pop-up tents give you bold branding power wherever you take them. Go directly to your customer and capture their notice.

Our experts can help you craft a look that is direct, concise and compelling. Contact us today!


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