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Church Banner Signs 101: The Power of Signage in Worship Communities

With a huge focus on digital marketing, people forget there is still a huge demand for onsite advertising. Brick & mortar businesses still have a need tool for capturing the attention of people that physically come in contact with their establishments. Churches are a prime example.

For the longest, churches replied on the weekly bulletin to convey what was happening in the church. As time progresses, they turned to media ministries. Some have incorporated e-marketing.

These tactics are effective in reaching people already attending services, but how do you welcome the new visitor? A useful print marketing tool is church banner signs.

Keep reading for ways worship communities can incorporate signage to deliver their messaging.

Church Banners Welcome Visitors

It is great to have volunteers positioned throughout your campus to welcome visitors. The truth is, there aren’t enough to touch every visitor. With vibrant, highly visible church signage, you can reach those visitors with messages that make your church more welcoming.

Depending on the size of your worship center, retractable standing banners can help direct people to the welcome center, sanctuary, or youth church.

If you host a visitors social after service, a banner placed in the lobby with an invitation theme will help direct them to the fellowship hall.

Grab Attention

It’s time to think outside of the box and bring in fresh faces. Do away with digital signage that people may not see. Switch to portable feather banners to deliver your message to people driving by.

If your church is on a highly traveled road strategically capture the attention of people going by with a catchy slogan or event invitation. Spread the message over multiple banners increasing enthusiasm about the message

Place the banners about six to 10 feet apart. This is an awesome way to promote an upcoming conference, Carefest, or movie screening.

Illuminate the Upcoming Series

Church banner signs play an important role in advertising what’s on the horizon. If you deliver a monthly series, church signage is a great way to engage the congregation.

Create graphics with bright and bold colors to highlight the series topic and the message titles for each service. Easily replace the message with the message for the upcoming week with retractable banners. This is a great way to keep people coming back to hear more.

Advertise Special Events

Choosing the right company makes designing church banner signs easy for any occasion. When it comes to events like vacation bible study or any themed event, you can get creative.

Give the printer your graphics, and they will create large engaging banners that are placed both inside and outside of your facilities.

You can customize vinyl banners to any size, and they can withstand most weather. These banners give increased visibility when displayed on exterior walls.

Ready to Give it a Try?

Church Banner signs are a creative messaging tool. The easy installment and mobility allow you to stay current in reaching your intended audience.

Let people know what’s going on at your place of worship. Contact us today to learn more and to get a quote.


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