create a real estate yard sign
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How to Create An Awesome Real Estate Yard Sign

According to research, you have about seven seconds to make a first impression. Whether you apply this concept to dating, marketing, or your real estate sign, the number still applies. That’s why you need to make sure that you’ve got a great sign that can attract buyers as effectively as the exterior of the house.

Whether you’re new to the real estate game or an old hand, you know how important it is to connect with buyers. Your “for sale” sign needs to invite people in while inspiring their confidence in you as an agent.

Be sure you follow these 4 tips for the best real estate yard sign in town.

1. Keep It Simple

As with any printed material, you’ve got a finite amount of space to share a lot of information. While more information can be helpful, it can also make your sign look too cluttered.

What your sign should do is tell readers who you are, what you’re offering, and how to get in touch.

Some agents will add a rider to include a URL on the bottom. This can give you some extra freedom while keeping your design simple.

If your company has a memorable logo, be sure to include that prominently. Your connection to a well-recognized and respected brand will add to your appeal as an agent.

Your target audience member will likely be someone driving by the property. They need to know the agent, the company, and the contact number or website. So long as these details are present, the rest will fall into place once they contact you.

2. Size Matters

Often bigger is not always better in design. But in the context of a real estate sign, you need to ensure that your passers-by can read everything clearly. Small print and cramped type will keep people from seeing your yard sign from the road.

Get your important info out there, big and bold. If you have space, you can make the details smaller if someone gets out of their car for a closer look.

3. No Decorative Fonts

Even if you find a font that you think fits your personality perfectly, a sign that’s not clear and legible from 20 feet away won’t work.

Your best bet when creating new signs is to print out a test version and see how legible it is from 20-30 feet away. Ask friends or strangers to have a look and tell you their opinion.

4. Accent With Colors

If you’ve got a bold and unique color, use that to attract attention to the sign or toward specific information. Colors are memorable and can help your sign stand out from the other signage on the road.

Make sure you’re using complementary colors on the background and contrasting colors for your information. For best results, your text should be clearly legible in black or white. Try a color wheel tool to decide on your palette.

A Real Estate Sign Is Your First Pitch

The first thing that interested buyers will use to judge your talents and your property is your sign. A great sign will do a lot of the initial pitching for you.

If you’re ready to design a unique sign for your real estate company, contact us to get started.