Tips for Portable Trade Show Displays
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Tips To Make Your Portable Trade Show Displays Irresistible

Trade shows offer you an ideal opportunity for face-to-face meetings with potential customers about half the cost of meeting in their office. Of course, trade shows aren’t just about meeting warm leads, they’re also about snagging new leads.

That’s where your portable trade show displays come into the picture. They must do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of getting people over to your booth. Keep reading and we’ll give you some key tips for making those displays irresistible.¬†

Leverage Your Existing Marketing Collateral

Not every company does or can use a mascot. If your business does use a mascot, though, it makes for an ideal trade show display.

Most mascots are colorful and attention-getting.

Let’s say you use a cartoon bear as your mascot. In the sea of stylized logos and acronyms that populate a trade show, your booth will stand out.

Of course, established brands can often get away with using their logo. The logo itself draws in potential customers looking to do business with you. Those businesses must make sure they display their logos prominently.

Use Interesting Images

At some point, you probably hired a professional photographer for custom shots of customers using your product or service. Pick out one or two of these images and use them on your trade show banners.

Why? Human brains do a way better job of processing visual data. While facts, figures, and data might seal a sale in a meeting, pictures will draw in the curious passerby. Just as importantly, they’ll retain the information in those images better than what they read or hear after the trade show ends.

Bonus points if your trade show display images can incorporate a cute animal.

Keep Text Readable

In an online conversation, typing something in all caps gets interpreted as yelling. On signs and displays, companies often opt for all caps believing it makes the text easier to read. It’s an understandable thought, but it’s not the case.

Lowercase letters actually make it easier for someone to read text under many conditions.

Of course, you should format logos as you always would for brand consistency. For short passages about your company or product, though, do your potential customers a favor and use lowercase letters.

Make your display easier to read, you attract more potential customers from the throng of people in the crowd.

Parting Thoughts on Portable Trade Show Displays that Draw Attention

You don’t need some industry redefining approach to portable trade show displays to make them irresistible.

You’re far better off leaning on your existing marketing collateral, such as a mascot. Use interesting images that incorporate customers using your product. Use lowercase letters to keep text passages easily readable by passerbys.

Combining these basic tactics will make your trade show booth attractive and memorable to attendees.

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