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6 Events Where Sponsor Backdrop Banners Are Set Up

Backdrop banners have an undeniable professional allure to them. Who knew that an ad could imply glamour? Yet, the evolution of journalism and media has meant that where there are press-worthy events, there are cameras. Where there are cameras, there are now inevitably fashionable step-and-repeat banners or similar sponsor backdrop banners that promote who’s hosting the event in an unobtrusive and classy looking way.

Any sponsors that want to get in on this somewhat-free publicity should look to sponsor the following events, where high volumes of spectators or press are sure to be.

Red Carpet Events

Local award shows, charity galas, small-venue premieres and all sorts of promotional parties like to make guests feel special by offering the red carpet treatment complete with fabric step and repeat backdrop banners for photographers. Best of all, these photos often end up shared on social media or news, broadcasting the sponsors far and wide.

Corporate Functions

Special corporate events like banquets, appreciation parties and regional or national meetings have become lavish occasions filled with keynote speakers, top-bill entertainment and sometimes even press coverage. Seated on the dais and with several hundred eyes watching them, the event coordinators and guests of honor look even more impressive in front of a professional sponsor backdrop, as would the entertainment.

Educational Seminars

Whether in-person or hosted online, educational seminars have many attentive eyes that could benefit those represented on custom sponsor backdrop banners, strategically placed behind the instructor.

Sporting Events

Sporting event venues have many areas that are prime real estate for a banner displaying all the sponsors. On the court, near the bleachers or at the post-game press conference, these banners provide the perfect background while giving sponsors a shout-out. These types of events can be ideal, especially considering the sheer volume of people that attend or watch these events.


Fundraisers are increasingly becoming red carpet style events to make any supporters feel the deep gratitude of the cause. Step and repeat sponsor banners can enhance the event as part of the red carpet walk up, behind the dais during speeches or as a photo-booth style offering. Not to mention the fact that corporate sponsorship fundraising can be extremely beneficial to a business in a number of ways.


Tradeshows have only become glitzier and glamorous over the years. Attendees spare no expense in an effort to garner press and hype for their latest offerings.

These events are prime opportunities for sponsors who want their logo featured prominently in public areas, near registration, as a background to speeches or even behind individual booths they helped subsidize.

Get Your Custom Sponsor Step and Repeat Banner Today!

All of these events are extremely grateful to their sponsors, so they will likely be more than willing to display any sponsor logo banners you provide them.

You will want to ensure that your logo looks great, though, so only entrust the highest quality custom backdrop banner printing you can find. This workmanship will not only help your logo look as good as possible; it will help your banner last for many events to come.


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