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8 Popular School Banner and Sign Ideas

Want to use banners in your school to help encourage and motivate students?

They can be a great way to provide information and boost morale, but how do you know what to include on the signs?

If you’re struggling with ideas for what to put on the school banner you’re designing, we can help.

Check out our top suggestions for inspiring your students below.

1. Motivational Quotes

One of the most popular sign ideas for schools involves inspiring quotes.

You can make a great quote display when you use colors and fonts creatively.

Emphasize words in the quote that are important for your students to remember.

2. School Spirit

One of the best banner ideas is school-spirit themed images.

Whether it’s the school mascot or the lyrics of the fight song, anything that increases your students’ dedication to their learning institution is great.

If you’ve recently changed mascots, school names, or began your journey as a school, these signs can be especially helpful.

3. Promotional Banners

Do you have an upcoming event?

Want to encourage attendance at inclusive rallies or sporting events? Using banners to promote them is a great way to spread the word and boost participation.

4. Launch Extra-Curriculars

One of the best tips and tricks for using banners well in a school is to use them to help launch extra-curriculars.

If your school has struggled to maintain funding for extras like art or music, then be sure you have a huge response to the available remaining classes.

The more interest, the more likely you’ll be able to keep the program going.

5. Promote Character

Want your students to grow up to be good citizens who care about each other?

Use banners that promote the great character qualities you hope to instill in them.

Suggest ways they can respond to challenging situations, like bullying, drug culture, and other teen issues.

6. Advertise Mentor Programs

Your banner signage can help teens find the help they need.

Let kids know about the resources you offer, like mentor programs or college-prep classes.

Often they don’t know that they have access to these options.

7. Graduating Seniors on the School Banner

Especially during a pandemic, graduating seniors deserve some extra love.

Making banners for each one shows how proud you are of their hard work, and gives them the support they need during a hard year.

You can also encourage other students by showing how much value you place on graduation.

8. Broaden Horizons

Do you have optional classes that aren’t getting much attention?

Use your vinyl banner to advertise the choices students don’t know about.

When they choose classes like photography, cooking, yearbook, newspaper, and other specific niches, they’ll learn new skills and develop interests that can help them later in life.

School Motivation

Using a school banner to help motivate your students is a great way to get their attention.

Whether you’re inspiring them to be the best person they can be or helping them find resources or new classes, banners help you communicate with your students.

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