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The 4 Best Design Tips for Pole Banner Printing

Are you worried about your next banner?

Whether you have poor proofreading skills or just don’t feel creative, sometimes we can feel helpless when it comes to designing advertising and signage.

If that’s you, then you need to keep reading.

Pole banner printing doesn’t have to be a headache.

In fact, with these 4 tips, you’ll be on your way to a successful event in no time!

1. Choose a Focal Point

No matter where you plan to display your custom banners, they need a focal point.

People should walk by and get the idea behind the message without having to stop.

The main phrase or idea should give them a good clue about who you are and what you’re doing there.

If possible, it should also give them a call to action, whether you want them to stop by or check out your website.

2. Pole Banner Printing: Test for Flow

Have you ever placed words on a poster and realized later that they were out of order?

The same thing can happen with banner design, so make sure you have a few test readers to give you feedback.

Ask them to read your sign and give their first impressions.

You want to know if it was easy to read and if the information flowed.

The design should help their eyes flow from the main idea to other ideas, without having to hunt around for the next bit of information.

The banner’s composition should pull the viewers’ eyes from one section to another without any stutters or stops.

3. Use Color Psychology

The subconscious is just as active as the conscious mind.

In fact, it’s responsible for helping us feel comfortable, so you need to harness the viewer’s subconscious if you want them to feel drawn in by your banner.

Using color psychology can help the viewers be more attracted to your product and content.

In banner printing, the colors are only one part of the design, but they’re important.

Use background, base, and accent colors to engage your audience and contribute to visual flow.

4. Grab Attention

Of all the tips and tricks for designing your banner, this is the most important. If your banner is ordinary, it won’t do its job. Instead, choose fonts and phrases that will maximize your impact. If you have any competitors, take a look at their banners. What are they doing well, and what can you do better?

For example, on banners for workplace or school safety, you can use jokes but they won’t be very effective because you want people to take safety seriously. Instead, choose an arresting image or phrase that will startle them enough to get their attention.

Action and Purpose

As long as you have a plan in mind, you’ll be able to design a great banner for your next event or display. Pole banner printing isn’t hard if you follow the tips above, from using a focal point to asking for test readers.

Make sure you also use color psychology to influence viewers’ subconscious understanding, as well as grab their attention.

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