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How to Use Printed Feather Banners to Drum Up More Business

Did you know that the average American views as many as 4,000 advertisements every day?

Why should you care? As a business owner, the last thing you want to see is your advertising efforts fall flat.

When it’s time to draw up your marketing budget, what should you include? What’s a sure way to attract new customers to your business?

Have you considered ordering a printed feather banners? Here are several ways you can use them (and several reasons why you should).

Feather Banners 101

In case you’re not familiar with the term, feather banners are generally tall, thin, and shaped like a feather or teardrop.

They’ve exploded in popularity in recent years because they’re lightweight, portable, and attractive to the eye. They can be designed as standalone items or with an in-ground mounting system.

Where can you use a feather banner? Their versatile nature makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor businesses.

They’re a popular choice for car dealerships, but that’s far from their only useful setting. You can use feather banners to draw attention to your restaurant, shop, or fitness center.

Trying to attract more foot traffic to your trade show or expo booth? A well-designed feather banner is sure to attract the attention you desire.

Printed Feather Banner Do’s & Don’ts

Now that you know what feather banners are (and where to use them), let’s talk about¬†how¬†to use them.

Here’s a brief list of do’s and don’ts to ensure you design the most effective feather banner for your business.

DO Mind the Bleed Space

Like any printed banner, keep in mind that the outer edges of the design will get cropped.

Make sure your logo, font, and other design elements fit entirely inside the printed space. Otherwise, part of your message could (literally) be lost!

DON’T Overcrowd the Banner

With a large banner to work with, you might find it tempting to fit as many words and images as possible into the space.

Don’t do it. Your text should be large enough to read from a distance, so keep it short and sweet. Too many images or graphics can also clutter the space and detract from your message.

DO Make It Memorable

The #1 secret of any successful advertising campaign is to make it memorable.

A banner with only the word “sale” on it isn’t going to capture the attention of people passing by. Dig deeper and find a way to tie in your special promotion with your unique brand.

DON’T Use the Wrong Colors

A final word of advice is to brush up on marketing color psychology.

Are you trying to build trust from your customers? Make sure there’s blue on your banner.

Are you hoping for an impulse purchase? Choose impulsive colors like red and yellow.

Ready to Order Your Feather Banners?

When it comes to marketing materials, feather banners are an attractive, attention-grabbing option.

Whether your business is indoors or outdoors, a printed feather banner service is the perfect way to attract new customers.

Are you ready to customize a beautiful feather banner for your company? Click here to learn more about our banner options or to request a free quote.


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